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Samuel Pettit | 3 comments Hey name is Sam and I am the author of "Aklesh."

If I'm lucky, a few of you have read it. For me the book was a project of love, but I did leave it open ended. The mail I have been receiving in regards to the story has been wonderful, and I've enjoyed immensely hearing from readers. Yet, each letter asks about the sequel...

There is an outline in place, since I have planned it from the beginning, but I have moved onto other projects since I work as a playwright. Due to the response I feel I should begin work on the sequel.

So...If you have read the first book and have a question (or questions) you wanted answered in the next volume I'd love to hear about it. It is my intention that the series be only two books so any loose ends get tied up in the next book. For those who are curious, the next book is called "Orestus."

I appreciate the input and thanks again. I have been thrilled with the response.

Samuel Jarius Pettit

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Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Samuel wrote: "Hey name is Sam and I am the author of "Aklesh."

I have a suggestion: edit this thread to make it "about" Aklesh. Then anyone who goes to the book page will see this discussion.

I haven't read the book, but I see Meghan likes it a lot, so that is a good recommendation.

Samuel Pettit | 3 comments Great idea! How do I do that?

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Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Samuel wrote: "Great idea! How do I do that?"

When you start a topic, you can select an author or a book for it to be about. Later you can edit the topic name and what it is about. I did it for you, once I figured out I could edit your topic (probably because I am a moderator of this group).

Samuel Pettit | 3 comments Thanks!

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 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Hi Samuel! So terrific hear that!
My requests were in a PM a sent you way back in March, so here they are again: Finish the open story lines on Gweni and the Prime Minister and what machinations they have going with each other and perhaps separately. The second one is, of course, about how Kai and Gareth have a LOT of hurdles to face once they get to Orestrus. Basically- just the big stuff that you were probably planning on :)

And Charming's info on the topic heading is correct: Only moderators can edit group members' topic headings.

Fehu | 2 comments Hallo Samuel, good to know that you are working on a sequel, when can we expect to read it?
I would be interested in the machinations as well and of course how the relationship is working out. How are they accepted at the court? How did the parents react to Kai and Gareth's bonding. Also some more infos about Orestrus would be good.

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