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message 1: by Jerry (new)

Jerry (teletheus) | 4 comments Hey! So I'm probably not the best person to bring this up (since my work effectively prevented me from actually participating in any of the previous book discussions before now), but now that I have some more time, I'd really like to see this group get up and running again. Is there any interest in trying a new book (and/or graphic novel) for July?

message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike Lewis (qazwix) | 13 comments Mod
I'm always up for something, (and am usually reading both types) but I think interest has died down. But I'm up for trying again if we have a few peeps

message 3: by Jerry (new)

Jerry (teletheus) | 4 comments I'd be in as well.

message 4: by Eve (revanche900) (last edited Jun 24, 2012 12:52PM) (new)

Eve (revanche900) (revanche900) | 4 comments I'm also in!

If there's no suggestions, I'd recommend the Nightside novels by Simon Green. A little Dresden Files, but more macabre.

*Edit: Also, they're not very long, maybe 200-ish pages.

message 5: by Brad (new)

Brad Trnavsky (bmtrnavsky) | 5 comments I'm reading The Vampire Lestat and Y The Last Man right now.

message 6: by Mike (new)

Mike Lewis (qazwix) | 13 comments Mod
Y The Last Man has been on my to-read list. Looks interesting, and love the concept. And Eve, I read some of the Dresden Files books years ago...they were alright. What Dresden books are you reading Eve?

message 7: by Edward (new)

Edward Carter | 2 comments I've read all the Dresden books except Ghost Story and that is on my list. The latest graphic novel that I read was Blackest Night which was a prelude to the new 52 from DC. This is a great story that integrates alot of the DC universe but is centered on the Green Lantern story arc.

Eve (revanche900) (revanche900) | 4 comments I've read everything Dresden that's out there. :-) I'm only six or seven books in on the Green's Nightside series.

Just bought three more to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks.

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