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message 1: by Joe (last edited Jun 13, 2012 09:33AM) (new)

Joe McCoubrey (joemccoubrey) | 5 comments Looking for an action thriller akin to a runaway train full of flying bullets, bulging biceps and mayhem piled upon mayhem? You’ll find it in this debut novella by British author Andrew Scorah, a name that could well become synonymous with the best the thrill genre has to offer.

There’s rarely a let up in Scorah’s ‘Homecoming Blues’ as he takes his ex-Special Forces alter-ego, Jimmy Dalton, on a mission that starts as a rescue operation and ends in a revenge crusade. Along the way he crosses swords with some of London’s resident gangleaders, takes on the Russian Mafia, and fends off bounty hunters determined to cash in on the hefty price placed on Dalton’s head.

The setting is the London streets and neighbourhoods of the Kray twins. Even though the story is set in modern day you can almost smell the fear that used to pervade the area when the Krays were at their murderous best. It is that kind of world that Jimmy Dalton heads back into when he steps off a taxi and walks straight into trouble with Phil Duggan, a throwback to the Krays’ brand of gangland boss.

What follows is a bareknuckle ride that provides little respite for the reader. You’ve got to hang on grimly as Scorah tears across the pages, piling up bodies in a frenzied narrative that moves you from one kill zone to another in less than a heartbeat. It’s a true feast of in-your-face action!

What strikes you immediately about this story is the earthy dialogue. It kicks in from page one, providing instant realism and a sense of believing you’re right there inside the story. Told in the first person it has a style that doesn’t look for pretentions – it doesn’t need any. Done any other way, it simply wouldn’t work.


message 2: by Sonia (new)

Sonia O'Brien (soniaobrien) | 25 comments Great review Joe. I want to check it out right away now.

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