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Next Book After BD
Shi-Jiuan Shi-Jiuan Jun 13, 2012 09:15AM
I think she should make more books

I think she should finish midnight sun and also I think she should make another couple books that are told through renesmee 's eyes.

I think she should right another book, but in Renesme's POV. It should take place when she is fully grown (so age 5). Since we already presume everything is paradise, maybe her life isn't. Maybe she is not sure if she wants to spend her life Jacob and when a new vampire/spie of the Voultri comes, she has to choose. Either the life she knows or life she could have.

AurorainBookland (last edited Jun 13, 2012 08:09PM ) Jun 13, 2012 08:07PM   1 vote
IT's up to her, as a writer I can see where she is comming from. Not wanting to write midnight sun because she feels she can't write the best version of it because of the fact that it got leaked when it wasn't finshed. And not wanting to write anymore about the Cullens because she doesn't want to write about them.

As a fan I would love it if she finished midnight sun and maybe wrote one more book about what happens after breaking dawn. But I'm fine either way it's her decision as an author not ours. Besides if she wrote more books because she felt pressured by her fans to write more those books wouldn't be the best they could be.

Orlaith (last edited Jun 20, 2012 08:17AM ) Jun 20, 2012 08:16AM   0 votes
I would like a finished draft of Midnight Sun, but I think she should end it at that. I think it's better to imagine what happens and hope they have happy lives.

If she was going to write another book, I would hope it would be a good few years down the line, long enough that Nessie is genuinely grown-up (i.e. at least 17 years old and not just looking like she is), that they've moved on from Forks (in New Moon Edward already said that people were asking questions about Carlisle's youthful looks, so how long do they have left?), and maybe then the Volturi could come back. Just because they said they'd return doesn't mean it has to be soon - they're vampires, what is a decade or two to them?

But, as I said, I'd prefer it was just MS and that was the end of it. I read recently that she said she was going back to writing in May of this year (after the wrap of The Host), but I doubt it'll be Midnight Sun that she goes back to. At the same time, I can see her publishers wanting to cash in before the Twilight-craze has completely died down, so there could be pressure from that angle too.

Anyone knows when its going to publish the last part of midnight sun? im really waiting for it!

I´d like her to finish midnight sun, but I don´t think she should write more books about those characters.

She did, The Host. That's one for starters.

I'm still reading midnight sun and I wanted to ask that's a rough draft right? Cause, some parts sound completely different. Not because it's from a different POV, it's because the actions and dialogue are different. Also I do think SM should right more Twilight Saga books. I wouldn't mind if they were in Bella's POV or Nessie's POV or both!

I did not even know about Midnight Sun, but i have been away for some time. Did it get leaked and how so? That would be horrible for a writer with a passion for their work. Any info would be appreciated. I never finished BD. Got mad when she was all over wolf boy. But that's silly jaded old me.

Amy Yes, the first almost-half of Midnight Sun was leaked, so she posted the partial draft herself on her Web site - you can read the partial draft there. ...more
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Midnight Sun, The short-second life of Bree Tanner, and the Host :)

I caught a recent interview with Stephenie Meyer, and it sounds like any vampire books will be a long way in the future - according to her, she is burned out by the vampires. I think her next project will be writing the 2nd and 3rd books in the planned The Host trilogy.

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Weiting Me too, S.M.'s amazing! ...more
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