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Here ya go!

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Gustavo arrived the studio promptly in the morning. He wondered if Sawyer would join them today.

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Looking very tired and wiped, Sawyer walked into the studio. He took a seat, looking like he was about to go to sleep any minute. He hadn't slept well; his mom had screamed at him all night about his tardiness

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Fawn walked in with Olivia. Fawn noticed a tired boy trying not to nod off into wonderland. She walked over and sat in front of him, "good morning, sunshine!"

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"Mhmm...heyy..." Sawyer mumbled, rubbing his eyes. Why was he even here if he was so tired? Had to get out of the house... His camera was slung around his neck still. He hadn't even taken it off at all last night, even the few hours he actually slept

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Fawn's skimmed over to his camera. "Beautiful!" she said. Sge smiled at him, "can I please see your pictures?"

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He handed her his camera without any percautions. "Don'...Don' mind the pictures of me an' my...boyfriend...." He smiled, and then laughed hollowly.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Oh! So your..." she began to look through the pictures and saw Sawyer and his boyfriend. "Awwww you two are like so cute together! What's his name?"

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Sawyer closed his eyes and smiled, as if picturing if he was here. "Sampson...He's not here right now, but he promised he'd come back for me once I graduated...mhmmm..." He usually wouldn't have ever disclosed this if he hadn't been so out of it. "He's on the East coast, making his life better...named his child after me..." He knew he was babbling now, and Fawn might not get why he had a child in the first place. "He is cute, isn't he?" he leaned over to look at the picture himself

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Fawn was confused about the whole child parent but smiled anyways. "Yes he is and...wait, what's your name again?"

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"S-Sawyer...." He looked like he was about to cry, looking at one of the photos just of Sampson. Actually, that had been taken by Sawyer when Sampson had sent him photos. He had taken a picture of a picture of Sampson. He smiled up at Fawn, eyes misty

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Well, Sawyer, I believe that is the sweetest lil' love story I've ever heard," she smiled and touched his hand, for she could see the tears in his eyes.

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Sawyer smiled fondly as a tear slipped. "Would you mind if I....sat next to you?" He asked, already standing up. "You're incredibly nice..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Awww no problem, sweetheart. I'm Fawn by the way, and this is my friend Livie," she patted the seat by her right for Sawyer to sit next to her since Livie occupied the left seat.

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"Nice to meet you.." he said in a dream-like state as he sat down, resting his head on Fawn's shoulder

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments She giggled and so did Livie who opened up her sketchbook. "So, what are you here for, Sawyer?"

"He's my apprentice," Gustavo said from behind the three.

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Sawyer lifted his head and glanced back at Gustavo. "Heyy...You ruined my life yesterday!" He stood up from his chair and came to wrap his arms around Gustavo's neck, kissing his clothed chest. "Since when did I become your apprentice, hmmm?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Since the day I ruined your life," Gustavo chuckled and sondid the girls.

"Wow, Sawyer, how lucky are you? Even of your worst day good things happen!" Fawn clapped delightedly.

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Sawyer looked up at Gustavo and just nodded. He took the appearance of this man in, his eyes flickering. Tiredness disolved away from him. "Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice?" He whispered to him, face tight

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Because, I am nice," he sighed.

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Sawyer looked like someone had smacked him, his eyes falling to the floor. He released his grip on Gustavo, closing his eyes shut. All of a sudden, the floor felt like it was vibrating, and he couldn't explain this overwhelming feeling. His body slackened, knees bent, as he plummeted to the floor.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Gustav grabbed him before he could hit the floor. He pulled Sawyer onto a chair. "Sawyer, are you alright?"

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Sawyer felt his body being picked up, and her jerked awake. "Wait, wha-?" he had fallen asleep right there, standing up. "G-Gustavo....I'm just too tired. Maybe I should go home...?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "If you want me to take you home, I will," Gustavo said.

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"You should take me to your home....My mommy's just gonna yell at me..." he looked like a child, head in his hands. Sleep was beckoning him, and he could barely stay awake.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Alright," he said. "Need me to carry you?"

Fawn looked worried but she knew Gustav would talk care of him.

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He nodded and threw himself at Gustavo's strong form, willing him to carry him out

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Feel better, Sawyer," Fawn said as Sge put his camera back around his neck and kissed his forehead.

"Yeah, get plenty of rest," Livie added.

Gustav thanked the girls for their kindness and told them that he'd call Abby so they could work with her. He carried Sawyer bridal style out the door.

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Sawyer allowed himself to be rocked to sleep by Gustavo's pace. He had never felt so comforted or safe.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Gustav put him in the back seat so he could lay down and also clicking him into the seatbelt. He got into the driver's seat and drove off.

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Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam sits at an empty easel and starts to paint.

"What should I paint?...." Thinks to himeslf for a bit before diping his paintbrush into some paint.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam watchs a girl come in and take her place in front of an easel and begins to draw.

"hmm..Wonder what shes drawing." He thought and looked around the room for some ideas.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam walks around the art studio for a bit looking at everyones art easels for ideas.

He stops at her easel and peers over her shoulder.

"Holy crap girl! Thats amazing! I love it."He says.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments "I'm just going around other peoples easals to find an idea. Don't mean to bother you."He said walking back to his easel.

"Hmm.."He said thinking.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam got back to his seat and started to doodle...He dosen't exactly know what yet but it will turn out to be something.

He looks around the room again.Then he finds himself staring at the girls picture of the wolves and looks at his ring again.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam turns around again and stares at his picture. He sees what he created.
It was a Male humanbeing with a wolf-muzzle on it's face and with leaf green eyes staring down at the ground where a ring lies shattered to pieces.

Liam looks at it wondering why he created such a horrible image.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam discarded the drawing into the recycling face up in case anyone wants it...

"Gahh....I can't shake that picture out of my mind."He says to himself.

He goes back to his easel and starts to draw again.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments Liam looked at her artwork and then looked at her with surprise.

"I..I...I...Umm...One seconded."He said.Turning from her and went back to the recycling bin and grabbed his artwork.

He went back to her and showed her what he got done with just minutes before.

"I drew almost the same picture as you.But mine has a shattered ring laying on the ground."He said.

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 30 comments "Were are we going" he said.

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