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The Mill River Recluse
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message 1: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Vaslyn (vlad_v) Is anyone currently reading this, or has read it in the past? I'm about 25% through it and I thought it would be nice to talk about it. I just started doing book reviews on my website, so it would be nice to get some other perspectives - always helpful in analyzing a work.


Lesley Oh I read it about6 months ago. Its better than iexpected it to be.

message 3: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Vaslyn (vlad_v) I'm having trouble with this one personally. Do the plot twists get any better after her encounter with Mr. Snee, because so far it's been pretty predictable! What started out as a strong beginning seems to be losing steam?

Lesley Well I had to go back and see what I wrote in my review cuz it wasn't so memorable. I gave it 2 stars and said I couldn't complain for a 99 cent download. Also said I was more interested in Mary than the townfolk.

So I remember now Mary was a recluse cuz husband scarred her. I wish the author went more into this now that I remember. But though it was better than I thought ( sorry to say many real cheap downloads aren't worth it) it was far from great.

message 5: by Vlad (new)

Vlad Vaslyn (vlad_v) That makes sense, Lesley. I remember seeing a lot of hype around this book - I think Chan sold over 100,000 copies or some such, which is astounding for a debut indie - but when I started reading it, well, I guess I was expecting more.

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