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Do you live the life of the Protagonist while reading a novel?

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Manish Jain I always live with them, like them and feel that everything that is happening to them, is happening to me, in this real world. Do you feel the same while reading any novel?

Kirby I sometimes do. usually more so when it's told in first person POV, and especially if the right balance of mundane daily details are included- it helps me to sort of lose myself in that character.

Manish Jain That's the best part of a well written plot, you live their life, forgetting yours while living there,with them, and hence get to know and feel the things that you might not feel in real life.

Truly Said: "A Peron who reads books lives a thousand lives, and the one who doesn't, lives only one"

Sharon Sometimes I feel like I live in the novel as a casual observer... not as the characters themselves. Fore instance, I am reading The Great Gatsby right now and I fell like an observer, not Nick Carroway living the life of the 1920's with them

Manish Jain Interesting. Not exactly that, but in current novel I am reading, I keep switching the characters. Whenever I begin a chapter, and its about some specific character, I feel like them. Gets interesting for sure.

Shubham Srivastava In some parts yes but overall no

Natasha Mulenga sometimes........

Miriam So interesting I should see this question! Guilty! But not to the point of being creepy.

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Corey Hmmm, traveling to Brazil, getting kidnapped while jogging, dragged into a jungle hut, strapped to a table and getting my skin fried off with electric shocks? No, I think I'd remember that. Definitely did not live the life of "The Partner".

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Tom Levine One thing I love about Patrick, is the ethical dilemna he represents, as our protagonist. It would be nice to have MENSA level intelligence, and to be the puppetmaster of all people, circumstance, and law. But ultimately, what does Patrick DESERVE, as our protagonist? That's what makes the ending, for me, so delicious. The key to this dilemna, was summed up for me, by the Sherriff, Sherrif Sweeney, when he walked in to the judges chamber, all parties were repesented and present, if you recall, and he is quite upset about the circumstances, and poses some critical questions as to whether or not what is happening (avoiding spoilers here), SHOULD be happening... He tells us who the victim truly is, in this story... So, do I walk in the protagonists shoes, in The Partner? I do, reluctantly, I take that journey with him, even though I am uncertain to what degree of hero he is. Probably not to the same degree, but, same experience watching our protagonist, Walter White, in Breaking Bad.

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