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She layed on her bed.

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She gets up and grabs her keys and heads to the club.

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Luciana comes in and lays down.

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Ed | 31 comments Daedalus Knocks on the door

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Luciana gets off her bed.

Who could THAT be? she thought.

She opens the door to find Daeldalus standing there.


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Ed | 31 comments "Hey"

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"Come on in" she said, giggling

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Ed | 31 comments Daedalus walks in staring at the room

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"Soooo... what are you doing here?"She said with a faint smile.

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Ed | 31 comments "well.. its your room so i guess to talk with you?" He said sarcastically

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She giggled and shoved him.

"Today hates me"

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Ed | 31 comments He shoves her back and sits down on her bed
"what happened"

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"Eh... Its the anniversary of my being lost"

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Ed | 31 comments "Of your being lost? mind telling me what you mean"

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"I was lost in the middle of the desert for a week" she frowned

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Ed | 31 comments "Ain't life great. so how'd you manage to survive in the desert"

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"I don't know... Cactus juice"

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Ed | 31 comments "well hey you don't need to worry about that your here now" he says hugging her and smiling

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She blushes and stands up.

"I'm getting something to drink, want anything?"

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Ed | 31 comments "sure anything.. except cactus juice" he says with a smile

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"Okay" she giggled

She comes back with some tea and a Yoo-Hoo.

"Here's some tea for you"

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Ed | 31 comments "thanks. so what do you do around here for fun?"

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"We go to the club and starbucks.... Other places too Come with me"

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Ed | 31 comments "alright sure where to?"

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"The Game Room." she says grabing her sweater

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Ed | 31 comments "Allright i'll follow you there."

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She grabbed his hand and went out the door and downstairs towards the game room.

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Luciana bursts into her room, Daedalus behind her.

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Ed | 31 comments Deadalus breathing heavily
"do.. you.. run... everywhere!?"

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"I run a lot, just not everywhere" she squeeks as she plopped on her bed.

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Ed | 31 comments "really now everyplace ive been its been running haha"

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"Heh heh" she giggled and got up and pushed him onto the bed.

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Ed | 31 comments he pulls Luciana on top of himself
"hopefully you dont go running away now"

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Luciana blushes and rolls to the side.

"Did you have to do that?" she giggled

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Ed | 31 comments he smiles and says
"Depends did you have to push me onto the bed?"

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"Your fault!" she giggled

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Ed | 31 comments Daedalus was busy looking into Luciana's eyes
"I'm sorry.. what did you say?"

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Luciana looked at Daedalus and blushed.

"Nothing" she quickly mumbled

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((>.< guessss what? I am in Georgia! :) ))

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Ed | 31 comments ((what. why?))

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((Because I am seeing family! now post! :) ))

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((I am moving to GA))

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