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Endings and More
Tigris Eden Tigris Jun 13, 2012 05:39AM
So, I've noticed so far that one person has suffered anxiety in regards to the ending and another was disappointed.....

Some endings or HEA are harder than others and the characters have to work for it. Even though it may seem they have gone through the ringer and back only to end up in a (question) status.

So I am curious.... Does everyone who reads PNR or UF expect HEA's? Or is that something that can be dealt with in a later book of the series?

I knew there would be some set back to that with some readers, and as a reader I look for those HEA, but... Not always. So let me know your thoughts and if you've read the ARC of Enslaved let us know without giving out too many spoilers.

I personally try not to have any expectations when I pick up a book - other than to have a good time reading it. I want to be entertained, laugh, get angry with characters, and have a few *sighs* along the way.
I feel that if I have too many expectations, then I am not giving the author my honest time while I'm reading.

I don't ever go into a first book of a series with any preconceived notions either. I KNOW that a good portion of the book is going to be dedicated to world building, and sometimes that can be confusing.

If a book has an HEA ending, then I want it to be totally believeable. If it has a 'pending' HEA - then I prefer to read it over a couple books in the series.
Also, I'm perfectly content with UF.

I think you did a fantastic job, and I enjoyed Enslaved!

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