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Life of the Party by Christine Anderson Christine Anderson

Genre: Mature YA

Life of the Party

Book Description

In just two more months, seventeen-year-old Mackenzie will reach sweet freedom. About to graduate from high school, Mac is not sure what happened to the good girl she used to be, but it does not matter. Without a second thought, Mac hurls herself into the dark world of rebellion and does not look back.

Mac's best friend, Riley, is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who can score drugs anytime, anywhere. As Riley introduces her to a lifestyle that includes wild nights, drugs, and questionable men, Mac struggles to overcome her personal demons. Cast in the shadow of her "perfect" sister, Mac must endure the disapproval of her parents every time she returns home. But just as Mac takes a job to support her growing drug addiction, Riley begins questioning all his bad choices. Suddenly Mac, who wants complete, reckless amusement at any cost, is alone.

The world can be a dangerous place. Mac is about to drown in an abyss of her own creation, and only one person can save her.

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Lyra (bubblesfrinkle) | 23 comments Hi. Lyra Zapanta here. Thanks in advance.

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sent in your requests

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Here's my review. Sorry it got a little late. Busy at school. Thanks for giving me a chance at this!

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