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who am I?? Who are you??

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SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) Hi!

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Bookgeek_zah | 2 comments 'ello!

Kim at Divergent Gryffindor (divergentgryffindor23) Hey there! :)

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Hello! :O

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Hey!! I love love love Once Upon A Time!! I finished the 1st season a few days ago.

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SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) Cuz I told u abt it ;D

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Ziyue (ziyue13) Hey, I'm Mimi. I love once upon a time but I was so mad how the first season ended!!! They left it off at a cliffhanger!!! I'm so mad! Can't wait till season 2 comes out.

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Bookgeek_zah | 2 comments 'ello!

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BvbArmette  (Demi-GodGirl1356) hello! im amanda and i love once apon a time, sry spelling error! I think they might go back and start over...

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Katherine (bubbabaly) hi, my name's Gracey and i too luv once upon a time, but i also luv the group rule! thank you whoever set this rule!:)

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SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) SMH, typical Gracey ;) LOL jk, welcome!

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Katherine (bubbabaly) yay! everytime im gonna type in a comment this 'Group Rules' thing comes up and it just brights up my night! i swear im in love with this thing!!!

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Katherine (bubbabaly) jk but its still nice to see this!!:)

SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) - _-

* chocomusic *  (rashmirivgmailcom) Hi

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SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) Yo

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Hey! I'm ace :P thanks for the invite... I'm in love with this show!!

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Katherine (bubbabaly) Welcome!:)

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Thank you

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Katherine (bubbabaly) :D

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