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James (jamesvellabardon) Can anyone recommend any novels that are similar to Alatriste? Does not necessarily have to be set in Spain, but looking for an intriguing plot and characters and some action - but not too overdone either - the particular century is not that relevant although 16th or 17th C. is preferable. Not looking to read any historical 'whodunnits' or novels specifically crafted to appeal solely to women as would like to read something that's balanced. I've given up finding a novel similar to Alatriste but thought I'd try in this group - cheers!

James (jamesvellabardon) Just to give fellow fictionistas a better idea, besides Alatriste I'm looking for something along the lines of 'Beau Geste', 'Sharpe's Tiger', 'Papillon' - basically a plausible adventure story with an original setting.

message 3: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie What about this adventure story: Empires of Sand. It takes place in the 1800s though! I haven't read it, but it looks kinda good.

James (jamesvellabardon) Thanks Chrissie. I've read the author before: 'The Sword and the Scimitar' - overall it was very well written, except for one small glitch in the first chapter where two children are escaping Turkish corsairs in 16th C. Malta and one of them tells the other to 'scoot over'(!!!) This recommendation is close to what I'm looking out for.

message 5: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I haven't read the author so it was just a guess. I am worried that this might be too much adventure and too little character penetration for my taste. I also appreciate really good writing, and I am not sure I will be satisfied. Isn't Ball VERY, almost exclusively adventure oriented? Now you are helping me! :0)

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James (jamesvellabardon) Well I can't speak for him generally, but based on TS&TS, I wouldn't say he's exclusively adventure oriented. His research and character development are really good, and overall he weaves a very intriguing plot. If by adventure you mean action, he does not overdo it at all. Hope this helps!

message 7: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie James, yes, that does help. I might give Ball a try. It is the tendency of overdoing the action that bugs me. Hope you find something.

James (jamesvellabardon) Do you know of any novels in which the action is overdone?!!! :)

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Chrissie In general I prefer book that stress character development rather than plot. Plot oriented books tend to be cinematic in tone. I can name two here: Pope Joanand Fiji: A Novel.
I try and avoid such books, but I made a mistake with these two.

I just downloaded the audiobook Empires of Sand. :0)

message 10: by C.P. (new)

C.P. Lesley (cplesley) | 717 comments Maybe this one: Beauvallet? Have not read Alatriste so can only guess. You might also like The Constant Princess. Again, a guess.

James (jamesvellabardon) Beauvallet looks interesting, thanks C.P. I've now picked up 'The Drawing of the Dark' by Tim Powers - let's see how we go!

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C.P. Lesley (cplesley) | 717 comments Do you know Scaramouche? Loved it as a teenager, not so much on re-read. I must also add The Scarlet Pimpernel, the origin of my own The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel.

Again, I liked SP better the first time, but it is still worth reading. Both are 18th-century, but they are swashbucklers, through and through.

message 13: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I have just begun Empires of Sand, my own recommendation. I wonder if I will like it. I have the audio version. No slow start here!

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