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Shomeret | 1366 comments 13)The Man Who Lives with Wolvesby Shaun Ellis (memoir)257 pages. Source: Library Started: 5/20 Finished:5/20

Why Read: Jodi Picoult mentions this book as a source of inspiration for her novel Lone Wolfwhich is about a wolf researcher who becomes part of a wolf pack and the impact of that choice on his human family. This book is the memoir of an actual man who lives with wolves and I was fascinated to learn that such a person exists.

Comments: Shaun Ellis is a very unusual man. Unlike most wolf researchers he has no academic credentials. What he has is a tremendous ability to empathize with wolves and dogs. He believes that dogs are more similar to wolves than biologists believe. For my blog post dealing with both Jodi Picoult's novel and Shaun Ellis' book see

14)Deaf Isn't Dumbby Tara Chevrestt (memoir)Source: Breathless Press Started: 5/17 Finished: 5/21

Why Read: Tara is a GR friend of mine and I am also a fan of hers. She wrote a wonderful historical novel about two society women riding across the U.S. on motorcycles called Ride for Rights and I've been looking forward to this memoir. It's a memoir that focuses on Tara's experiences of discrimination as a deaf woman. I want to understand more about deaf issues.

Comments: This is the best book I've ever read about the day to day impact of discrimination. Tara describes her experiences with discrimination at school, work and life in general. On my blog I wrote a post called "Discrimination Against The Deaf: Then and Now" which deals withFairlydenand Tara's memoir. I am pleased that so many people are viewing it. It's at:

15)Fourth Assassin: An Omar Yussef Mysteryby Matt Rees (mystery)281 pages. Source: Library Started: 5/22 Finished: 5/23

Why Read: This was a selection for the F2F mystery group that I attend. I didn't find out that this Matt Rees is the same Matt Rees who wrote Mozart's Last Ariauntil I looked at his profile on GR after I read this book. I loved Mozart's Last Aria. If I had known this I would probably have started reading his contemporary mysteries sooner.

Comments: This is the fourth in the Omar Yussuf series. Omar Yussuf is a Palestinian who is a school teacher on the West Bank. He is a wonderful character. This was a very well written book with great characterization. In this book he arrives in New York for a conference, and decides to visit his son who lives in Brooklyn. He is shocked to find a dead body in his son's apartment. Rating A. I'm going to read the first book in this series, The Collaborator of Bethlehem. I have it on my library TBR.

16)Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds: The African Diaspora in Indian Countryed Tiya Miles and Sharon P. Holland (historical/anthropological/sociological essays)364 pages. Source: Library Started: 5/26 Finished: 5/28

Why Read: This is an anthology of essays dealing with persons of mixed Native and African American heritage as well as the mixing of Native and African American cultures. It sounded intriguing.

Comments: What an eye opener! I knew that some Native peoples had slaves, but I didn't expect to read what I did about their treatment of the freedmen among them after the Civil War--the denials of citizenship rights, land rights and benefits. On the other hand, there was the inspiring story of a mixed blood Miss Navajo. I rated this book A. For more details, see my June blog entry about this book on

17) King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Villageby Peggilene Bartels and Eleanor Herman (memoir)334 pages. Source: Library Started: 5/29 Finished: 5/30

Why Read: This is about a Ghanaian woman who is a secretary at the embassy for Ghana in Washington D.C. She became the King of the village where she was born. The book describes how this came about. I thought it sounded inspirational and that I'd read for the Around the World challenge.

Comments: Peggy was selected as King by the ancestors and they couldn't have made a better choice. I admired Peggy. Rating B+

I read some amazing books in May. One of them was a mystery. That makes me pretty happy. I really need to find time to read more mysteries.

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14288 comments Great blog posts on these books! Very thought provoking! You are doing well on your around the world challenge!
Shomeret wrote: "I read some amazing books in May. One of them was a mystery. That makes me pretty happy. I really need to find time to read more mysteries. ..."

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