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message 1: by Regan (new)

Regan | 138 comments I was cleaning up some editions for The Big Rock Candy Mountain and discovered that the Blackstone Audiobooks cassette edition has two separate ISBNs because it's in two containers. I was trying to figure out if these should be merged into a single edition even thought there are two ISBNs, and if so, how, and posted a Q in the Librarians group.

I was told that they are not even considered the same book, because they were sold separately. I'm not sure they ever were sold separately. A search on WorldCat for each ISBN brings up the same record and a note that it is "In two containers."

This book is not a book that has ever been published as separate component parts like The Forsyte Saga or The Once and Future King both of which are usually published as a single book, but the individual books of each have been published separately.

I'm still convinced this is ONE book that is a different edition of the book, but there's not capacity in GR to list them that way. I think that to suggest that it is two books is a misunderstanding of how audiobooks are released.

message 2: by John, Moderator (new)

John | 3680 comments I agree that they are two discrete items; the title should indicate Parts A and B (or One and Two). IMHO they should be combined into the main book, but I'm not sure what the official policy is on that?

message 3: by Regan (new)

Regan | 138 comments John -- here's a link to the thread in Librarians:

Rivka is saying it's a different book (or rather books) altogether. I see the point that if one buys half the book, then it is not the same book as the whole thing. Like the examples I gave above, reading a book that contains A Man of Property, Indian Summer, and In Chancery, is not the same as reading a book that contains all five books from The Forsyte Saga.

However, I also reached out to Blackstone and asked them if the two parts were actually sold separately or if they had two different ISBNs for some other reason. They got back to me really quickly (awesome customer service!) and confirmed that it was possible to buy the two parts separately. So, technically a library or consumer could have just bought and/or read one half of the book.

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