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((Quidditch field, and anywhere else outside- not the Forbidden Forest!!))

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Hailey gets onto her broom and flies off the ground and high up.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian Eris went over to the lake, Abigale following. "ok, I'm sorry you had to hear that, and i should tell you, i hate that person, and i don't want to be 'friends' with that jerk. the reason i did it, was that i figured that she would make my life hell if i didn't, so i became her 'friend' just so i could have a somewhat peaceful time at hogwarts. I don't want to become famous because of my idiot parents, i want to become famous because of myself, and have no one else's help." she said this fiercely. ((pardon the language...))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "and id like to still be your friend." she said again

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((oops, i guess i went to fast, its above....))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((thats awesome!!))
Eris smiled. "thank you, i might act the way i acted around Valorie, but other than that ill be me. i don't have many friends, i put on a hard shell, because if i do, then nothing can hurt me, like me practically never seeing my parents, and my cruel governess, Zelda. the only person who actually sees the real me is the maid, and now you. Thank you." she said this quietly, and she had tears in her eyes.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "yes, but i have to make them proud." she said this sourly, and looked angry.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian Eris smiled "thanks. I'm sorry, i shouldn't have made you feel bad, anyways, so were friends?"

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "sure" she smiled. "though i might have to be rude in the dormitory, just know i don't mean it"

((ill be back in a while...))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "no, its not. my parents are Drew and Jason Petro. my father works at the ministry making pro-pureblood laws. he is always in the ministry, or on trips. My mother never had time for me, she was always being social to other people and stuff like that. Zelda, was mean to me, when i had visiting time with my parents, she pinched me to make me cry, so i would be given back to her. She would spank me, and pretty much her goal in life was to make my life miserable. the only person i had a kind word from was the maid, Claire. she was kind and gentle, always patching me up. she is still employed at my mansion/prison. Zelda is not. i was raised to think muggleborns are scum, so I'm not very nice to them, which i regret. My family is very rich, and we had a house elf as well as Claire. i hate being rich, i hate growing up in the mansion, i pretty much hate my life. when i got my letter, i was so happy, tears were dreaming down my face. i figure it was a way out, never realizing that there are people her who are just the same as my parents." she said this quietly, and then she realized that it was the most she had ever talked to somebody in one sentence. "what about you?"

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "i wasn't allowed to play with other kids... when i was five i found the library. i practically lived there, and i studied spells, and read millions of books, it was heaven. i don't have many friends, well i don't really have any." she said this in her hypnotizing singing voice that was slightly sad

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "are you a writer?" Eris asked curiously

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "oh, you sound like one, the way you talk." Eris said with a smile.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "not really, mostly in books, I've met a couple but..." she replied.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "they were always ones my parents approved of, and i hated the books they wrote." she replied

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "yeah, you never know!!! what do you want to be when you get out of hogwarts?" She asked. taking a bite out of a cream puff

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "oh, thats a great idea!! that would be pretty fun, but i think id like to do something good at the ministry, or write books. if i worked at the ministry, i definitely wouldn't do the crap my father does..." she smiled.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "thanks...Im not sure what it would be yet, but I'm only in 2nd year, so i have a lot of time to think." she smiled at Abigales response.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "yes, and you can always find a place to fit in, which would be wonderful!!" iris said happily

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "yeah" Eris sighed "its kind of nice people are scared of me, it makes them leave me alone."

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "no, i have my bag, and id rather not see Valorie..." she replied. "i have potions, talk to you later..."

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian Ariana walked down towards the broom shed, with Nicolette by her side. she opened the door, and they went in. she looked through the brooms inspecting them, and then shaking her head and putting them down. finally, she found one that looked pretty good "hmm, this one looks good."

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette walked out and sucked in a breath of fresh air. As much as she loved her dorm, she needed some hair.

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Elisar (ehlihr) [*air]

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette took hold of the broom. “It looks nice,” she nodded, and set it on the ground. “Up!”

The broom didn’t go up the first time. “Up,” she said, concentrating a bit harder.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "good, now i think its time you went to class, ill fly it around a bit to check it." she said to her.

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Alright,” she grabbed her book bag, and smiled. “Thanks, Ariana. I really appreciate it,” she said, before turning, and walking to Potions class.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian "yep!!!! have a good class!!" she took the broom, and went over to the quidditch field. she grabbed a quaffle. she went out, and mounted, and took of, throwing the quaffle through the goal posts. pretty good, likes to fly left, but other then that, good. she thought. she landed, put the broom in her locker, and went back to her common room, to read.

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Ava walked out onto the grounds, her long, dark hair flying everywhere in the breeze.

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