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((Prof. McGonagall))

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((who will rplay her?))

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((Mainly Calamity or me, but if neither of us are on- or if we're busy- you guys can))

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((ok. ))

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((thx for making this))

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((You're welcome, Aiyana :) ))

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Hailey walks in and sits down in the back row.

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Alex walked in and looked around for a good seat. She smiled as she spotted Hailey, and sat next to her. "Hello Hailey!" she said.

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette took a seat straight up front, waiting for the class to start. She was about ten minutes early, so she decided to hand in her homework. Fifteen inches of a history of Transfiguration.

She handed in her homework, put the homework on the desk, and smiled at the teacher, before sitting down.

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E | 119 comments A few minutes later Jake opened the door, still a little out of breath from running there in an effort not to be late. Looking around he saw a few gryffindors, and ravenclaws like himself. He breathed a sigh of relief to know he was in the right place--Thoug he still only had his book and wand

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((Never mind, Alex's already here!!))

Alex frowned. Apparently Hailey didn't want to talk to her. She stood up and sat by Nicolette, "Hello!"

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette jumped in her seat, and looked at Alex. “Hi…” she said awkwardly. Someone willing sitting next to her didn’t happen often. She hoped Alex wouldn’t think she didn’t want to speak.

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Alex smiled, "I'm sorry I startled you! I didn't mean to... I don't think we've met! I'm Alex." she held out her hand to shake.

((I have to go! Bye!))

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Elisar (ehlihr) [Aw, bye :(]

Nicolette held out her hand and shook Alex’s. Alex seemed extremely friendly. “No problem. The name’s Nicolette. It’s a pleasure,” she said formally, being raised to treat everyone with respect.

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Alex grinned, "Hello Nicolette! What house are you in?" she asked.

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette smiled. “Ravenclaw. You?"

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"Same!" Alex said. "What year? I'm fifth year."

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Elisar (ehlihr) “I’m a third year,” she said shyly. She rubbed the back of her neck.

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"That's great!" Alex cried, beaming. "Don't tell anyone, but third year was my favorite year."

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Really? I’ve always wanted a broom to try out for the Quidditch team, but I can’t afford a broom,” she shrugged.

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"Yep! And you can borrow a broom from the school- they don't mind!" Alex said.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian ((we do need 1 beater!!!))

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Elisar (ehlihr) [Cool! :D]

“Yeah… I guess… but I’ve never actually played,” she said. Then she brightened up. “Do you?"

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Alex nodded, "Yep! Keeper."

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Oh! Lucky! Can you, um, train me for tryouts?” She asked. “It’s okay if you can’t. I get it,” she put a strand of hair behind her ear.

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Alex smiled, "Sure! I'm kinda busy, but I will when I can!" she said.

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Really? Thanks!” Nicolette smiled. “I see it now: Nicolette: Beater for the Ravenclaws,” she sighed. “I really appreciate… this. Thank you."

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"Oh, it's nothing," Alex said modestly.

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Elisar (ehlihr) [Who’s going to play McGonogall?]

Nicolette only smiled. She pulled out her books from her book bag and set it out in front of her. “Would you say you’re… popular?"

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((I can!))

Alex laughed, "Oh, no. Not at all. I have my friends, and I guess people like me and such, but no. I wouldn't want to be, in fact I like being not-so-popular!"

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette laughed. “I wish I was popular sometimes. It’s sort of sad having literally no friends. But, a great benefit is privacy,” Nicolette chuckled.

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"Don't say that!" Alex frowned. "I'll be your friend!"

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Elisar (ehlihr) She raised an eyebrow jokingly. “You’ll regret it. I’m boring as heck.” She laughed, and opened her book.

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Alex shook her head, "You certainly don't seem like it."

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Oh, get to know me better, I will be,” her smile flickered as she looked back at the door.

Orion walked in.

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Alex shrugged, "Okay."

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Elisar (ehlihr) Orion strolled into the room, and took the seat at the table next to Nicolette. He snickered, and created a small paper airplane and flew it towards Nicolette. It landed on her table.

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette unfolded the plane and her eyes widened as she saw the big black letters written across the surface.


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Alex looked at her, "What does it say? You don't have to tell me..." she added.

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette showed her the paper and looked away.

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Alex scowled, "That dirty, rotten, foul..." she said angrily.

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Elisar (ehlihr) “Just… ignore him. He’s… complicated,” Nicolette waved it off.

[I’m going to change Nicolette to a fourth year, it makes more sense.]

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((K :) ))

"Just ignore him?!" Alex cried. "No!"

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Elisar (ehlihr) “It’s not a big deal,” she said. “He’s been doing it since the first year anyway, I’ve learned to deal with it."

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Elisar (ehlihr) Orion snickered at their conversation, and pulled out his homework.

God! It’s an inch too short!

WIth no emotion shown on his face, he quickly handed in the homework and sat down.

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Alex glared at Orion, "It is so a big deal. Fine, just ignore it. I won't."

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Elisar (ehlihr) Nicolette spoke up, “He threatened to tell everyone about my family when I was younger. Everyone else thinks I’m a half-blood. You and Orion are the only ones that know I’m a muggle-born."

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"Being muggle-born is just fine," Alex said. "I'm muggle-born."

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Elisar (ehlihr) “I’m just… Afraid of getting teased even more. I mean, Orion’s the only one. If the rest knew why he teased me…” Nicolette trailed off.

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Alex nodded, "Okay. I promise I won't tell anyone."

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