The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1) The Angel Experiment question

isnt this sooo epic?
Hilary Hilary (last edited Jun 12, 2012 04:35PM ) Jun 12, 2012 04:33PM
I looove this book and it is so epic! It took me like two days to read and I love it. Oh, did I mention I love it?

Yeah that book is crazy awesome ^-^ love Fang

EvaCatReads same fang is my fav x
Jun 18, 2012 02:05PM

I actually hated this book. The only reason I read the 2nd was because 1. I already owned it and 2. my friends wouldn't stop bugging me about it. I didn't like that one either. To each his own.

I loved it im on Schools out forever ♥

I think that the series is awesome and i read tons of books and this author is top notch

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