Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10) Lover Reborn question

How do you picture Saxton?
Erin O'Riordan Erin Jun 12, 2012 04:07PM
I like to picture the blond, curly-haired, very proper Saxton as looking like Freddie Stroma, the young actor who played Hermione admirer Cormac in the final three Harry Potter films. How do you picture Saxton?

And what good thing could happen to Saxton that would balance out losing his relationship with Blay, if Blay should get together with Qhuinn?

And furthermore, is Saxton really a bit of a tramp, or does Qhuinn just think that because Qhuinn is jealous of Saxton's relationship with Blay?

I picture him as a young James Spader or Ryan Phillippe.

I am really pulling for Blay and Saxton. But Saxton isn't dysfunctional enough. All the men who get married have to be seriously broken so that love rehabilitates them. I am still mad at how she destroyed Phury.

And remembering what she did to Phury, I now hope Saxton doesn't get to stay with Blay. I don't want to see another good guy character destroyed to be rehabbed.

If anyone else is old enough to remember, (or who watches really old sitcom reruns) I pictured him as Tony Randall, the guy who played Felix Unger on "The Odd Couple". Of course, I picture most men who are described as "elegant" this way.

Neil Patrick Harris would be a good idea maybe, but the very idea of NPH being gay and "off the market" so to speak would break my heart. So I'll stick with Tony Randall, since I don't lust after him at all.

Blonde, slim, play-boyish as Qhuinn liked to say. A real douche. I pictured him to look something like James Marsters

This is too funny, the threads created on goodreads. I guess we have to find something to keep our mind busy until March 26 or 28?? Can't remember the exact date of the release, but I know it's close. I can't wait. Will have to check out some of these guys you all like for Saxton. FYI though, I am Team Blay/Quinn.

Alex Pettyfer?

I don't know why, but I always pictured Saxton as a young black man. Maybe like a Michael Ealy.

I picture Saxton as James Van der Beek. As far as him being a man ho...I think he was a little easy before he met Blay. But now I think he's in love and is totally committed to Blay. I hope the warden doesn't leave him hanging after Qhuinn and Blay get together. I like his character and want to see him happy.

I don't know, my first impression of Saxton was someone who was just TOTALLY overboard on the charming/suave routine, to the point of being a bit fake. I guess if I had to pick someone with that same vibe, I'd say John Barrowman? (A younger John Barrowman, maybe, to get the age right.)

deleted member Dec 26, 2012 04:11AM   0 votes
I picture him as a kind of Justin Timberlake...

I pictue Cillian Murphy with blond wavy hair. He would play him pretty good!

Neil Patrick Harris - exactly!

a blonde version of ROBERTO BELLO (that yummy Italian ballet dancer with ABT ....he's really beyong hot!!!!

Good looking
Lean/thin but muscled
well groomed
impeccable manners
sort of stuck up

As Ryan Gosling.

When I think of Saxton, I think of the actor who played Jasper in the Twilight movies. Yum!

F 25x33
Kirsty Agree!
Apr 30, 2013 03:29AM
Del You nailed it. Jackson Rathbone(sp?) is totally it.
Jun 11, 2013 06:23AM

Jude Law, Gaven Rossdale,hair all slicked back looking GQ in a suit.

I picture Saxton as Neil Patrick Harris-- Thin, light coloring and well dressed.

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