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This is a room in the back of the castle that has a window facing the ocean. It's actually a very small room with only six mirrors, three on each wall with a cabinet and supplies in each drawers underneath. There are no changing rooms because you're only here for one night.

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Savannah Marie stepped into the room then noticed there was a brunette lady in a luxurious crimson gown by the mirror.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude," Marie whispered staring down to the floor. "I'm new here and...," she let her words trail looking down to the floor.

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Savannah "Oh," Marie whispered letting her eyes slip to the beautiful girl surrounded by crimson folds. "I'm Marie," she added quickly. Her cheeks shaded red as she realized how rude it was that she hadn't even introduced herself before.

Then again this girl probably didn't even want to know who she was. A little nobody who couldn't even properly introduce herself.

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Savannah "Thank you, that would be wonderful." Marie would have felt more embarrassed about her stomach but she was pretty hungry. She had been to nervous to eat before coming. She smiled at Arlandria as she asked, "Which floor is it on? I wasn't looking around very much after I found out where this room was."

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Savannah Marie smiled as she followed behind Arlandria whose beautiful red gown flowed around her. She couldn't help but remember how she had thought she wouldn't meet anyone who would actually want to help her at the masquerade. She figured everyone would abide by the First Come First Serve motto. But here was Arlandria leading her through the mysterious castle and Marie's night truly began.

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