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Afghanistan--The Real Story

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Mike Key "Sure...I get scared. But when the camera is in front of me it's like looking through a window...I'm in the situation [but] I'm somewhat separated from it and the fear...I can be hanging out a helicopter and have no fear at all...I'm thinking like a photographer...considering the composition, the way the light's falling, the angles in my frame. Take that camera away, though, and fear comes flooding in." ~ Canadian photojournalist, Rafal Gerszak, from his recent book Beyond Bullets.

Amazing pictorial story of Afghan civilians whose lives have been shaped by over 30 years of war, golf, swimming, and dog fights.

Want to know how many pigs there are Afghanistan? Read this book.

Natalie202 This is a great book that my grade had to read for "Red Maple". It told me about the real life in
Afganistan and about people who live there. I don't know why, but when I read these books they trigger my emotions so much that I want to read more and more, and eventually, read similar books.

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