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message 1: by Scott, Fabled Reviewer o' Tales! (new)

Scott (bookblogger) | 1315 comments Mod
Time for the newest random talking point for the group best cheesy horror flick.

Honorable mention goes to Drive-Thru any time the clown mascot of a fast food joint goes on a killing rampage spouting lines like "Fast food kills fu****!!" you have a great movie.

message 2: by Charles (new)

Charles Verhey (charlesverhey) | 70 comments Anyone remember "House 2"? It's got a giant caterpillar with the head of a cute dog, a baby dinosaur, some crazy-bad acting, an undead villain, oh and of course they bring their great, great, great Grandpa back from the dead. This 80's gem did not age well. The effects are laughable, the plot inexcusably bad,... and yet I must have seen it 100 times over. Bill Maher and John Ratzenberger have guest appearances in the movie.

message 3: by B. (new)

B. Throwsnaill (bthrowsnaill) | 208 comments My all-time favorite is Evil Dead II. Ash became an icon in Army of Darkness, but ED2 will always hold a special place in my heart.

message 4: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (authorjmpoole) | 2287 comments Mod
Ah! Army of Darkness! I loved that movie! I was just thinking that I haven't seen many horror movies 'cause I really don't care for them, but AoD is an exception!!

Let's see, what else? Oh, I know one. They Live. Has that wrestler in it, Roddy Piper. Anyone see that one?

message 5: by Scott, Fabled Reviewer o' Tales! (new)

Scott (bookblogger) | 1315 comments Mod
Cheesy horror isn't really horror it's more like comedy that kills people.

Terror Toons is one that was awful but had parts that were hilarious.

message 6: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (authorjmpoole) | 2287 comments Mod
Terror toons... That doesn't sound too familiar. Then again, I'm not that big of a horror fan.

Cheesy horror. Wouldn't you just love it if IMDB added that as a genre? It would open up all kinds of possibilities. Anyway, let's see. Cheesy horrors...

Eight Legged Freaks. Arachnophobia (scariest movie I've ever seen that wasn't rated R). Puppet Master series.

As you can probably tell, I'm no fan of spiders. :) As long as that keep their distance, I'm fine. Coming towards me? HELL no.

message 7: by Eric (new)

Eric Quinn (eqknowles) Three cheers for a each of the Evil Dead movies!

Honorable mention for They Live for having an Evil Dead class memorable line: "I'm here to kick ass, and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum." Hahhaa. Almost as good as "This is my boomstick!"

message 8: by B. (new)

B. Throwsnaill (bthrowsnaill) | 208 comments They Live always kind of creeped me out. The aliens are pretty creepy looking. It coulda been a contender as a "serious" horror flick! But hiring Rowdy Roddy Piper kinda limits your artistic headroom, methinks.

I think the Godzilla movies would count as cheesy horror, but perhaps giant monster movies are their own genre?

I remember the old days of trolling the video stores for classic, cheesy titles. I remember a silly movie called "Basket Case" that we rented a few times for a laugh. I think there was one called "The Toxic Avenger" that was pretty bad in a good way, too.

I also like the movie called Tremors where the Dad from Family Ties plays a very believable survivalist complete with a really sweet arsenal.

message 9: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (last edited Jun 13, 2012 06:25PM) (new)

Jeffrey Poole (authorjmpoole) | 2287 comments Mod
Lol! Good one, B!

Tremors ranks as my all time favorite movie ever!! Fred Ward's line is absolutely classic...

Stupid sumbitch. Knocked itself cold.
Cold my ass. He's dead. We killed it. F*** you!!!

Cracks me up! And of course the last line is from Kevin Bacon.

message 10: by Scott, Fabled Reviewer o' Tales! (new)

Scott (bookblogger) | 1315 comments Mod
Toxic Avenger is awesome!! I went through a phase in highschool where I would rent those terrible Troma movies every weekend. I'm not sure if Cannibal The Musical counts as horror but it nails the cheesy! It's also from the guys behind South Park if that gives you any ideas.

message 11: by B. (new)

B. Throwsnaill (bthrowsnaill) | 208 comments It's cool that you guys know and like those movies! I feel like they are part of my DNA at this point... :)

message 12: by Edwin (new)

Edwin Stark Hmmm, my two cents: Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Spectacularly bad until this dude speculates that they're... "perhaps they are an alien race that resemble clowns"... That line cracked me up and built a soft spot in my heart for this silly movie

message 13: by Scott, Fabled Reviewer o' Tales! (new)

Scott (bookblogger) | 1315 comments Mod
The Evil Dead series is pretty awesome. Actually almost anything with Bruce Campbell gets cheesy awesome points. Speaking of...

My Name is Bruce is a great cheesy kind of horror movie. A small town kidnaps Bruce thinking his movie roles are how he is in real life. An ancient Chinese god of war and tofu is killing people after two teens disturb the graveyard where a bunch of Chinese miners were buried after a tragic cave in. Bonus points, it has musical numbers nothing makes a cheesy horror flick cheesier than musical numbers.

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Kollef | 9 comments Oh man. Killer Klowns from Outer Space is such a classically horrible movie!!! I may or may not own it on dvd.

I can't believe no one's mentioned Troll 2 yet. That gets my vote for #1 cheesy horror movie of all time.

message 15: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (authorjmpoole) | 2287 comments Mod
Troll 2. Yep, that one should definitely be mentioned. What about the first movie I ever saw Jennifer Aniston in? Leprechaun! Cheese factor: GGH. Gooey Gouda High. :) Just made that term up.

message 16: by Jeffery (new)

Jeffery Anderson | 165 comments Ok - The following list my be too upscale for this crowd:)

I mean that in the most affectionate of ways. I've read the thread and agree with most of the pics.

I would even be bold enough to stand out and say I've seen more stupid horror movies than anyone I know.

I'm going to take what everyone has said here and incorporate it into a future post. However, since I'm not able to write too much right now, I'm simply attaching a horror movie blog I did for last Halloween. I'd like to hear what others think of it.


message 17: by Jeffery (new)

Jeffery Anderson | 165 comments Army of darkness was cheesy. I don't consider the Evil Dead movies cheesy.

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