Eternal Light of Peace (Gettysburg Chronicle, #4) Eternal Light of Peace question

What Do You Think About The Main Character?
Matthew Bartlett Matthew Jun 12, 2012 12:42PM
The dedication of Volume 4: Eternal Light of Peace is to my former Golden Retriever, Skye, who passed away almost two years ago. Really, this book is dedicated to all of the dogs who fought valiantly in the Civil War. Sallie is one of many, but she was certainly an awesome dog.

Sallie is one of my favorite characters to be featured in Matt's books. She is an unlikely character, but one that everyone, especially dog lovers, will find themselves thinking about. Courageous, loyal, and vicious (in a good way!) Sallie was the kind of dog you would want to have on your side (that is if you weren't a woman, Democrat, or Confederate!). Sallie's story made me cry- and I don't cry in books.

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