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message 1: by aldenoneil (new)

aldenoneil | 1000 comments I enjoyed The Celestine Prophecy.

But I'd like to hear what others say. I can't think of one, myself. Ooh, except maybe First King of Shannara.

message 2: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (new)

Tassie Dave | 3532 comments Mod
It doesn't matter how awful you think a book/movie/song is, there will always be someone who likes it.

message 3: by Ernesto F. (new)

Ernesto F. (agersomnia) | 4 comments Tassie is probably right.
I personally wouldn't touch any Twilight series book with a stick. And they made them into a successful movie saga.

message 4: by Dharmakirti (last edited Jun 13, 2012 08:57AM) (new)

Dharmakirti | 942 comments You are 10 years too late with your Celestine Prophecy PSA. :)

I HATED the Celestine Prophecy. It is possibly the worst book I ever read. I was reluctant to start reading it and the only reason I did read it was because I was dating someone who really liked it and he wanted me to read it.

The things we put up with to get a little nookie.

message 5: by Rik (new)

Rik | 777 comments Someone will love every book that is hated here and others will hate books that many love.

message 6: by Niz (new)

Niz | 11 comments Rik wrote: "Someone will love every book that is hated here and others will hate books that many love."

I agree with Rik a million times over. With all due respect to the original poster, a thread like this serves no purpose. At best, an anonymous stranger will validate your opinions. At worst, a cherished novel you hold dear will get shit upon. It's as pointless as arguing favourite colours. But this is the internet, and this battle was lost ages ago. :(

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 34 comments FWIW, there is another interesting thread, books you wanted to throw against the wall.

message 8: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Case (count_zero) | 54 comments Black Blade by Eric Van Lustbader.

Near as I can tell, this is when Lustbader decided to go from shlocky ninja novels into SF - sort of (he later went into fantasy).

Well, the book is kinda racist. In the book, every Japanese person in the US is part of the Evil Japanese Conspiracy To Rule The World (OF Course!), which the main character is trying to stop. Every African American cop in New York City (which now suddenly has Favelas because of the economic power of the Evil Japanese Conspiracy To Rule The World (OF Course!)) is part of the Evil Black Cop Conspiracy To Kill Whitey (which is, in turn, puppets of the Evil Japanese Conspiracy To Rule The World (OF Course!)).

Oh, and the McGuffin of the plot is a psychic cybernetic brain in a jar which has Ambiguous Powers of Plot Importance (that everyone wants) which just wants to be euthanized.

Also, the Van Lustbader couldn't make up his mind about whether psychic powers were subtle (like danger sense) or flashy, like, well, Tetsuo, so he decided to have them be both.

If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to do a video review of the book, I would never have finished it.

message 9: by Tina (new)

Tina (javabird) | 689 comments Twilight. Avoid at all costs.

message 10: by Mike (new)

Mike | 21 comments Tina wrote: "Twilight. Avoid at all costs."

... except for nookie.

message 11: by Nick (last edited Jun 30, 2012 08:43PM) (new)

Nick (bookwyrm5000) | 25 comments Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I had to read this for a book club, and I could get past the third chapter. The characters were just so shallow and horrible to one another that I ultimately decided that I didn't care what happened to the characters. However, in a classic case of what has been discussed above, not one, but two people in my club loved it. One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that.

On a side note, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is not a Lovecraft-for-YA horror, as the cover and description seem to indicate
. It's not a particularly bad book, just misrepresented.

message 12: by Charlie (new)

Charlie | 46 comments I love a wide variety of books but I have to agree the Twilight series to be awful. I know others love it. I just feel that the books are terribly written. Lots of potential lost.

message 13: by Paul (new)

Paul Harmon (thesaint08d) | 639 comments Tina wrote: "Twilight. Avoid at all costs."
Obvious is being obvious :D

message 14: by running_target (new)

running_target (running_t4rg3t) | 52 comments Battlefield Earth. I tried reading this when I was about 13 or 14 and thought it was one dimensional and childish. . . and I was a child.

message 15: by Mohrravvian (new)

Mohrravvian | 99 comments Traveler. That book was terrible, the characters were like paper cut outs of characters from cheesy camp movies, except it wasn't supposed to be that kind of book. Definitely avoid!

Also, I disagree with Niz in that this type of post allows you to warn others away from the trash, thereby saving them from the horrors that you've experienced yourself. Of course, one man's trash is another man's treasure, so you may end up missing something you'd like. But that's the risk you take.

Also, I enjoyed Before I Fall. It started out as a story about a mean girl and her mean friends, but by the end you discover the reasons behind a lot of the characters' behavior and how they really feel about the things they are doing. It's not something I would typically read but I did enjoy it. Also I listened to the audio book version, so it's possible that the audio reading enhanced it in a way that the print version may not have (the reading by Sarah Drew was magnificent).

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