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J.S. Bailey (jsbailey) What You Can’t See Can Hurt You.

Returning to the hometown of her birth parents, rebellious 23-year-old Josee Walker seeks answers to long-held questions about her childhood. Her biological father, wealthy vintner Marsh Addison, wants nothing to do with her. But a determined Kara Addison sets out to meet the child she gave up years before, despite Marsh’s passionate opposition.

Five Days of Hell for a Glimpse of Heaven

When Kara disappears and her car is discovered at the bottom of a ravine, however, Marsh becomes the prime suspect. Suddenly, Marsh and Josee are forced to unite in their search for Kara–and for the truth. But there’s more to their family’s past than meets the eye. What could the mysterious canister that Josee found in the woods contain? What does it have to do with her mother’s disappearance? When an ancient evil rouses, each member of the Addison family becomes enmeshed in a terrifying supernatural battle–one with global consequences.

J.S. Bailey (jsbailey) I bought this book from Barnes and Noble the other day but I haven't read it yet. It will be my first Wilson novel. :)

message 3: by Tracy (new)

Tracy I haven't read anything by Wilson. This sounds interesting though.

J.S. Bailey (jsbailey) I just finished this up last night. Here is my review!

When I first started reading Dark to Mortal Eyes, it was kind of like opening up a jigsaw puzzle box and trying to make sense of all the scattered pieces. I admit that it was slow getting into this, as I had no clue how all the things that were happening were going to link together in the end. Who is Karl Stahlherz (I may have spelled that wrong)? Who is the Professor? Why are they targeting the Addisons and Josee? Why did the Addisons give Josee up for adoption all those years ago? And what the heck is with those canisters?

Fortunately the pieces all came together as the novel concluded. I especially liked Marsh Addison's growth as a character. (I thought he was a total jerk in the beginning, and by the end I was silently cheering him on.) I liked Josee, too, because she softens up a bit as the novel progresses.

I would recommend this to fans of supernatural suspense that has a strong flavor of faith interwoven into the plot. Four stars!

message 5: by Dustin (new)

Dustin Thank you for your review, J.S.

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