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(All the information for this Roleplay is fictional. :)

Tipvigut Mountaineering has always provided guides for hikers crossing the Manirak pass in winter. TM's lodge, based in the foothills of the mountain range, provides weather surveillance for the hikers. To this day, they are proud to say that they have not only never lost a hiker, but have also guided every group safely to the other side of the pass.

This year, four of TM's best and most experienced guides have been chosen to accompany a new group through the pass. The lodge is hoping to get this newest group through the pass before the hard snow sets in.

(Update--June 12th)
Preparations for departure will begin at Tipvigut Mountaineering's Lodge in the foothills. Your character may enter there. If your character is a hiker, he/she will already be registered and have basic equipment (including pack, boots, mess kit, and lots of warm clothing). At the lodge, any equipment your character may need or have forgotten may be purchased. Make sure not to take too long there.

Once characters are finished at the lodge, they will be taken to the pass entrance with the guides. Please do not head into the pass until all hikers are prepared and the guides give the go-ahead! :)

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All the hikers are now out on the path and headed for the other side in high spirits! (Well... most of them.) If you recently made a character, just start in the Manirak Pass with the others and we'll get you acquainted with the group!

The leaders are getting uneasy. Temperatures are dropping rapidly, a sharp wind is cutting across the path, and a light snow is falling.

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(Update--July 20th)

Julian, Kris, Marc, and Ivar decided to turn the troop around and head back to the lodge before things got ugly. Their decision was about an hour too late.

Sudden change in weather, particularly the sharp wind and heavy precipitation (snowfall), destabilized a snow-shelf on one side of the pass. In just moments, a mass of snow will come crashing down on everyone.

Campers may try to climb the opposite side of the pass and hold onto trees, rocks, and other (hopefully) stable things. If you get buried, don't yell unless you hear someone nearby who can dig you out. You've got a limited supply of oxygen under the snow.

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(Update July 27th)

Juliet, Celia, David, Jay, Rya, and Felicie are buried under the snow. (Did I miss anyone? ^^) Several campers are panicking over their buried friends. The leaders are struggling to rally everybody together.

Try to stay out of the deep snow, keep an eye on any location where you last saw someone go down, stay calm, and wait for a designated leader or medic (currently only Alexi) to help find the buried person.

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(Update January 8th)

A large chunk of the glacier which the hikers were climbing broke off taking several hikers with it. Those who fell have landed in the snow and are, for the most part, not hurt. See Ashby's announcement for whether your character fell or not.

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