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Mary *TheBigBangTheory* *I love Louis!* | 69 comments Mod
This cabin is basically underwater. In order to breathe in here, you will recieve a bubble, which is like a mask. In here, you will see floating water-beds, fish, and chests floating next to the beds. It is almost like a shipwreck in here, with the water and wooden ship-like decorations and supplies.

Bed Capacity: 7 Water Children, 1 per bed.
Room Capacity: 20 Children, fills the room.

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єɱɱą (singsang) | 48 comments Daniel strolled in, and placed his duffel on a bed. "hello?"

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Lanie Jazz  Stylinson (strumsingluv) | 49 comments Sapphire walked into the cabin, checked it out and then left to go to the lake.

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єɱɱą (singsang) | 48 comments Daniel set his stuff on the bed and looked out a window.

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) Dylan walked in and swam up onto his bed. He played with the fish using his feet, smiling.

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Lamooregalore Nadia strolled in leisurely.
"Hmm, alright."
She set her stuff by a window in a corner, so she could make a quick escape if needed and to keep an eye on everyone.

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DuskFox (Hi can my charrie join this cabin?)

Isilwen walked slowly into the cabin. Cabin 3, that's were she had been told to go. She looked up and breathed a quite breath of wonder. Wow! She though. Everything's underwater, this is amazing! 'H-hello?' she called quietly, 'Anyone here?'. No one answered. Well, this is where i was told to go so.... Isilwen walked over to one of the floating beds near the windows and put her backpack on the bed. It was sort if depressing considering she was 15 years old and all her possessions didn't even fill one small backpack. Literally, she had her traveling cloak, some clothes, some money, her diary and....that was it.

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Zosister ((Aurora is going to be in this cabin.…))

Aurora swam/walked in not knowing who she would meet. She found an empty bed and put her things on it. Which was a small bag, that only had her clothes and nothing else. She sat on the bed wondering if she would meet anyone today?

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DuskFox From her bed at the back of the cabin Isilwen could see the girl who had just walked/swam in. As the girl picked her bed and sat on it looking lost Isilwen realised she must be new too. She sealed her nerves then walked/swam over to the girl 'Hello! Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo!' she said nervously holding out a hand to shake like she had seen some other people do (she has been in a coma so she hasn't been able to meet many people).

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Zosister ((sorry didn't see it until now))

"Hey" Aurora smiled, "what's your name?" she took her hand and shook it.

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DuskFox ((It's alright! Sorry I didn't reply till now. I was at the beauty and the beast thing at school....took longer than expected.))

'Isilwen, Isilwen Elensar. Yours?' Isilwen asked smiling as she took the hand of the girl and shook it.

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Zosister "Aurora, Aurora Lewis. Nice to meet you Isilwen." she smiled, she shook her hand back.


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DuskFox 'Aurora! That's a nice name.' Isilwen said smiling at the girl. 'Hey, are you in this cabin? Are you new?' Isilwen asked curiously. 'Oh, by the way, if you want it's eaiser if just say Isil instead if my name...' She added knowing her name sounded weird to many people and they probably would get it confused e.t.c.

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Zosister "yeah I am new here and I am in this cabin." Aurora smiled, "Are you new as well? And is this your cabling too?"

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DuskFox 'Yeah!' Isilwen said smiling. 'That means we have the same mother! Have you met her? Do you want to go on a tour?' she asked kind of abruptly (she hasn't had much if a chance for developing skills in a conversation considering she was in a coma.....).

((Sorry I replyed so late, my iPad died. Anyway, gtg to bed now. See ya tmoz! :-D))

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Zosister "No I haven't and I would love to go on a tour." she smiled.

((I know that she was in a coma, my girl is getting over the schock. That is why she doesn't talk so much))

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DuskFox 'Ok!' Isilwen said and with that she gracefully swam/walked out the door not waiting to see if Aurora was following.

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Zosister "Cool," she said following her out the door.

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DuskFox ((Where shall we go?))

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Zosister ((lake! U post first!))

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