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Mary *TheBigBangTheory* *I love Louis!* | 69 comments Mod
Very spacious cabin, with cloud beds. Each bed floats around all day, so be sure you know which is yours, by the small chest for your belongings at the end.

Bed Capacity: 7 Air Children, 1 per bed.
Room Capacity: 20 Children, fills the room.

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Sophia "Amy, I've been looking all over for you," said Lucy.
"Sorry, it's just after you left my flute started melting."
Amy sat on one of the beds, with her legs crossed and her case in her lap.
"So, are you going to play?"
Amy gets off the bed and walks over to the piano. She sits down on the bench and moves her hands gracefully over each key. It starts off slow, gentle. Then it becomes so fast that Amy's hands seem to move across each key in a blur. Each note is played surely and with confidence. Every not comes out clear.
"So, what did you think?"
"That, was amazing. How can you play that well? What song was that anyway?"
"A classic composed by one of the best composers that ever lived, Beethoven."
"Do you know anything else?"
"I know more than just the classics. But I love them, so that's usually what I play."

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