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In Cold Blood
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L Let the case be opened on the crime investigation of the century, where many are already busy investigating & pouring over the very limited evidence that was found at the scene of the crime.

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Don't forget to check for finger prints, hair, scraps of material and note the time of death of the murder victim (if indeed it is a murder). Will you work alone or have a trusty side-kick to help you solve the case and pleed your theories to the crown court, thus helping to promote justice!?

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L Name: DCI Dawson

History: Mark Dawson was promoted to ‘detective inspector’ after working eight years on the Harken case, where he successfully located a secret illegal society of the smuggling trade and put 80% behind bars.

The wooden table contained eight draws for paperwork (with four either side of my chair) and ample writing space on top, where a slim modern computer and keyboard rested next to a silver plaque that was attached onto the desk’s front with tiny silver screws; it read ‘DCI Dawson’. As I continued to observe the surrounding of my new office and familiarize myself with its layout, a knock at the door sharply awoke me from my thoughts. I gave a small sigh and positioned my body so as to sit upright in the cracked, leather desk chair.


Before I had time to even draw breath a young man whom I presumed to be in his late twenties dressed in an expensive, crisp pin-striped suit strutted into my office after shutting the heavy Oak door behind him. He wore a slight smug expression upon his pale slim face, as he stood to attention before me with his hands clasped behind his back like a quaint English schoolboy.

“Sir I am Sergeant Cutter from the Harrogate office. I have been sent to join you here as you’re second in command and assistant.”

I nodded to the young lad who stood most apprehensively and nervously before me, who presented me with a sure sign of inexperience across his young face. The London office was obviously having a good joke by sending me a naive and no doubt incompetent Sergeant to aid me in my coming investigations, thus making me realize the implications of moving higher up in rank; such as a dimwitted sidekick and an appallingly scruffy office. What once had seemed to be a ‘dream job’ was now beginning to look less bright and shiny, as my first case had been delivered and handed to me in a grey paper folder. The details were exceptionally brief as all they told me was that it was a simple suspected murder case, thus named ‘Shenmore Cove’. The hope of sorting out this presumed simple case in a hurry was a foolhardy assumption, as the saying ‘there is more to this than meets the eye’ all too soon became apparent…

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