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Love Actually
This topic is about Love Actually

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L The chick-lit genre and a guide to romance mixed with a concoction of comedy, passion and longing who cannot love the timeless romantic comedy whether that be in book or film version??
This is a roleplay that is about Love Actually, One Day, In her Shoes and all the other romantic comedy films that we all love.

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Who is your character, a Briget Jones or an Amanda from 'the holiday'??

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L Name: Zoe Brook, 23 years old

She works part-time in a little country village tea shop, and is studying economics and business at University. She also is an organizer, founder and member of a book club, which takes place every Friday evening at 6pm.

“Right, ladies. This week’s book is the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which links in with our romantic theme this month.”

The air was close within my tiny disorderly sitting room that was terribly humid, as too many people were squashed into the restrictive space. Every inch was filled with a person; with people huddled together on the compact two seater sofa, others were on various chairs that were dotted about, another person was resting on the tiny window ledge whilst I was sat cross legged on the downy rug that covered the wooden floorboards beneath. The room was cluttered with piles of books spilling from the full bookcase and onto various other surfaces such as the side table and the hearth in neat little piles, with their colorful covers and spines filling the white painted room with a rainbow of color. There was a warm haze coming from the crackling open fire that was contained within a dinky wrought iron grate, encased within a Victorian surround of emerald pottery tiles decorated with pretty little flowers.

I had organized the ‘Strawberry book club’ for eighteen months in my hometown of Derbyshire, as a way of enjoying my reading more by sharing it with others. As I surveyed all those who surrounded me who had been jammed into this tiny room, I could not help but feel a sense of pride in what I had achieved and how my humble idea had become such a great success. I looked up from the book that I was clutching tightly to see that each individual also had a copy on their person, although they did vary in edition and covers.

“Who wants to read Chapter one?”

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