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L This roleplay is about Star Wars, Star Trek, Prometheus and anything that incorperates Spaceships, aliens and planets in outer space! So firstly choose your character and give them a name, so that they can be enrolled within the fleet on Starship Cobalt.

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"... a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars"

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Julie Rainey I'll be....Orion.

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L Great Name! I am off to do some writing now :) i'll be back to enroll soon...

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Name: Captain Zenrald of the 3rd Rank

Job Role: Newly appointed Captain of ‘Starship Cobalt’ and its twenty crew members. First year as a Captain of a fully fledged ship of the fleet, with previous experience as second in command on a smaller ship ‘0026 Knight’.

As I made my way across the bustling fleet base I noticed up ahead the new ship that I had been made Captain of, which was an honor that had been awarded due to my hard work for six long years on the battlecruiser ‘0026 Knight’. Nothing could have prepared me for the spectacular and overwhelming sight that met my eyes, of the ship’s metal frame that towered above me over fifty feet high and sixty feet wide; which looked very imposing and formidable at my eye-level of only six foot off the ground. The words ‘STARSHIP COBALT’ were painted in white across its concave sharp, protruding edge and as I tentively moved closer to the perimeter I could not help but feel extremely nervous and anxious as the huge responsibility of my new charge was now becoming clear as reality dawned and the fleets mission neared

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Julie Rainey (Okay I may trip and fall a few times but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. My first attempt, apologies for the crappiness.)

Name: Orion, Crew member of Starship Cobalt

After a few days leave I reluctantly made my way back to the ship that would be my home for the next several months. As I peered longingly out of the window inside my tiny crew quarters, I noticed someone new making their way to the ship. The intercom speaker suddenly burst to life in the hallway breaking into my thoughts. It demanded the presence of every crew member at a welcoming ceremony on the main deck. I realized then that the new crew member was our long awaited new Captain.

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L :) Its really good!! x

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L Upon entering the spaceship I encountered my new crew members who were all huddled in a cluster on the main deck, looking expectantly up at me as I entered the room. Being new to the role of Captain made it hard to come across convincing and professional, when I was literally quaking in my boots and my stomach was churning with butterflies as I delivered my pre-prepared speech to all those before me.

“This year the fleet plans to go where no one has ever been before and to discover new planets, worlds and civilizations out within our vast galaxy and beyond. Starship Cobalt has been assigned to the mission along with eight other spaceships and nine battlecruisers, thus the task of completing this mission rests with me as your new Captain, Captain Zenrald. We plan to journey through the emerald abyss to move through time itself so as to search for a new planet that is out their waiting for us.”

There was utter silence in the room whilst I informed them of their new job, and the details of what they would be facing. The planet that the spaceship had been ordered to find was called ‘Zentar’ having had its location revealed to the fleet a year ago, when the sound waves had been sent through the time rift (that was the emerald abyss) to our planet as a form of communication. If this planet contained life on it in any shape or form then the fleet wanted to know, and having been given the title of Captain this task ultimately fell upon my shoulders.

After I had finished speaking to the nineteen crew members a loudspeaker on the ship was activated that then transmitted a voice to all those present to hear, from the head of the order (being my boss) Cornel Redthorn of the fleet and founder of the greatest spaceship that had ever been built; the ‘Cobra 62330’. Before anyone had made a sound or even moved an inch, their attention and mine was fixed on the voice that echoed throughout the circular room, bouncing off the metal walls.

“Welcome Captain, second in command and crew to Starship Cobalt. As head of the entire fleet I shall be monitoring your progress back here at base, whilst you are off on the mission. You know the details of your task, so I wish you all good luck. Captain Zenrald will now take over.”

Murmurs and chatting soon began to fill the spaceship that was buzzing with life, as everyone made there way to their allocated positions on board the spaceship that was soon to be leaving the fleet’s base. As humans, Neldars, Orcklings and various other beings hurried to and fro, I slowly made my way to the front of the ship where the control room resided. As I walked down the light, airy white corridors with automatic glass sliding doors I noticed how I was now filled with a confidence that I had not possessed before my speech. It was as if those words now spoken had cleared my mind of any doubt, thus I was hence able to fully concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

The control room was circular in shape with one quarter containing a glass wall, which you could direct the ship where to go and observe all that lay before you. Chairs were dotted around the room with two right in the very centre, where one was left empty for myself. As I sat down next to the man whom I presumed to be my second in command and resting my hand lightly on the arm rest, I gazed strait ahead out of the translucent window that promised so much unknown wonder and mystery; hence I could not help but smile. Upon observing the room I noticed that all the seats had been filled with crew members clad in the set uniform of the fleet that were looking up in my direction once more, waiting patiently for orders and instruction.

“Right. This is Captain Zenrald of Starship Cobalt, we now prepare for take-off”

The engines in the undercarriage and back end of the ship suddenly roared into life, with the volume deafening those who stood outside it on the fleets base…

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Julie Rainey Okay, give me a bit to get something back. :)

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L Julie wrote: "Okay, give me a bit to get something back. :)"

(your character Orion is the driver of the ship and is steering the ship for take-off, leaving the fleet's base behind you and travelling in the direction of the emrald abyss. Once they are 100 metres away he turns to make conversation with the captain, informing him of the journey's progress & direction...)

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Julie Rainey "Orion, how's she doing?" Captain Zenrald asked of me.

I was so focused on maneuvering the ship out of port I didn't hear him. My fingers worked frantically at the control panel before me, trying desperately to remember every calculation needed to keep the ship from ramming into any nearby obstacles, one being the Cobra 62330. It would mean the end of my career to even get close to it.


"Yes sir. Sorry sir. The ship is on course for the emrald abyss and we should be able to initiate the FTL drive momentarily."

"Good. Notify the crew."

The loudspeaker again came to life and my feeble voice informed the crew not inside the main deck to strap in for our faster than light journey.

Holding my breath, I pushed the button ever so gently fearful that I might break it although that was nearly impossible. The ship lurched forward with great force. It creaked and groaned under the pressure but held steady.

We were on our way...

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As the ship traveled along at a steady pace through the galaxy, I glanced around the control room that was filled with utter silence apart from a few slight murmurs as it continued to run smoothly. I arose slowly from my chair to stand closer to the window and look out at the stars that twinkled like fragments of light in the vast blackness of unending space. Other planets could also be seen in the distance that altered in size quite dramatically with each other, as well as their color and some which were surrounded by either rock particles or moons circulating the planet. As we glided by one particular planet I noticed how there was a slight change in temperature which dropped within our ship being such a contrast with the outside atmosphere, and also the vision looking out was now a mixture of orange and mud color that was fogging the window so that all I could see before me were rock particles, dust and the grey, brown sooty color of the planet’s surface.

“How are we doing?”

I turned sideways to look at crew member Orion who was deeply lost in thought, concentrating with a fixed expression at the controls to then glance out the window. The screen before him flickered with red and bright orange flashing lights that showed the direction of the Spaceship, our speed and also the surroundings of a mile radius which gave us plenty of room for observation and maneuvering.

“All is good Sir. We have just reached the ‘Ellipsis Ridge’ that takes us into the right direction for the Planet Huron, where the emerald abyss is located. So I would say that we have another…two or three hours, Sir.”

I nodded and gave the young, intelligent lad a smile. Thankfully so far everything was going according to plan, but there were still some doubts niggling away at me as we came closer to our destination. The main concern was that we would be the first ever to travel through the abyss and into the unknown, which could potentially be extremely dangerous as we would be playing with time itself. No one knew what would happen once we reached the other side, nor if we would be able to get back as we would be moving into another completely different time zone entirely. It was the year 2063 of the sixth century on our planet Omb, and the thought of what lay ahead clung to me like a bloodsucking Leech.

“Sir…what the hell is that?!”

Orion suddenly interrupted my thoughts with a tone of voice that was so loud and strong; I would not have thought it possible to have come from such a quiet and reserved person. His eyes were wide as he sat rigidly; staring out in horror and terror at the vision that now filled the window…

message 12: by Julie (new)

Julie Rainey I screamed at the Captain to get his attention, pointing frantically to the rapidly approaching unidentified spaceship on a collision course with the Colbalt.

Alarms sounded, lights flashed and crew members scrambled frantically about the main deck trying in vain to turn the ship before it collided with the unknown vehicle.

"Turn! Turn!" The Captain ordered.

"I'm trying sir!" I replied.

The ship whined and groaned under the weight of the steering mechanism trying desperately to veer in the opposite direction. The crew collectively held their breath as the unknown ship came closer and closer.

In moments the two were mere inches away from each other and the inevitable happened. Ever so gently, the two ships touched hulls and scraped across each other sending ear piercing screeches echoing into space.

A few moments later the two had turned enough away from each other to stop the horrendous noise.

"Hail the ship," the Captain ordered.

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L Captain Zenrald

As I instructed Orion to keep moving the ship forwards, suddenly a loud BANG broke the silence and red sparks flashed bouncing off the steel walls of the ship’s interior; illuminating the space around me. Panic set in and crew members began to shout and shriek, tapping away frantically on control pads whilst conversing with each other.

“Captain, we have been hit by the enemy with a laser! Their ship has turned around and is now following behind us.”

I frowned in disbelief and strutted over to the screen, which indeed showed me the location of the ship that we had just scraped past that was now following on our tail. It was a menacing looking machine that was not sleek in design but rather formidable looking, with black metal sheets covering its circular body. It did not appear to have a name as the ship’s body was also covered in very large, black pointy spikes which made it appear as a giant spider in the air.


I had been lost in thought gazing at the ship behind us that had taken a sudden dislike to our presence, hence not noticing the young lad standing behind me waiting patiently for instructions. He had fiery, blazing copper hair that matched his bright orange uniform and under the amass covering his podgy young face I noticed a sprinkling of freckles. He was staring me strait in the eye with concern as to my completely blank, uncommunicative expression which I rectified instantly.

What do they want I wonder?”

I asked this question not expecting a reply and so I was shocked when a transmission wave appeared onto one of the screens, which the crew member enlarged for all to see projected onto the front window. At first all I could see was a row of quivering lines but then as the image came into focus, the face of a most alien creature appeared before the control room. It was the strangest thing that I had ever laid eyes on with its yellow, cat shaped eyes that changed color to vibrant, shocking red (this startled Orion who nearly fell off his chair in shock). It had green skin that was the texture of an alligator that looked rough and scaly, and I also noticed that covering its muddy face (that had no hair) were several black tattoos depicting bizarre symbols.

“Who are you and what do you want with my ship”

I barked at the screen in a most austere tone at this new found individual who was facing me, showing an ugly smirk upon its cruel looking face. I however received no reply and it continued to stair smirking at me, when I began to wonder if the transmission was an illusion. I had also noticed that since this had appeared on our screen Starship Cobalt was fixed in the air unable to move, but rather than alert the crew on this fact and risk panicking everyone including Orion I decided not to draw any attention to the fact that we were stationary as yet.

“Can you here me? Who are you and what do you want with my ship”

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