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Ms. Anderson (whatwhat) | 119 comments ((Lol))

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Ms. Anderson (whatwhat) | 119 comments ((The dots. I just thought it was funny. Sorry. Random things are funny to me.))

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((That just means RP))

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Dark pit walked in and got a Virgo palm.

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Ms. Anderson (whatwhat) | 119 comments Delta walked in and examined the room and suddenly felt a bit queasy. "Which do I take? I never fought before. I only use my Sagarrius Bow..." She picked up her bow.

She began to panic inside her head.

I've never fought before. And I'm fighting a guy who I think I might like!

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Dark pit headed to the arena.

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Ms. Anderson (whatwhat) | 119 comments With a bit of a turning stomach, Delta followed after him

((To the arena?))

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