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To Dorian Gray From Oscar Wilde

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message 1: by Charmless (new)

Charmless (mysocalledreads) | 38 comments I wish I had done an assignment like this when I took AP English eons ago. Lol.

Click here to see what appalled an AP English teacher.

Suppose you were the teacher, what would you advise the audacious yet creative student aside from the generic "this is not appropriate" blah blah blah?

message 2: by James (last edited Jan 09, 2009 05:38AM) (new)

James | 5 comments I would tell Derek that his poem suggests Wilde is little more than a horny fag with a pen which, however true that may have been, is not a sufficiently complex argument for this assignment. I would suggest that he develop his argument by offering evidence (the "poem" could use some interesting images). I would also remind him that he was required to write a minimum of 2000 words regardless of the form he chose, so he'll need to write approximately 19 more pages. I would go on to tell him that his meter is as clunky as his parents on the night he was conceived, and I would end by pointing out that his rhymes are as fresh as his prank.

Assuming this thing is a real, graded assignment.

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