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Andria (andriard) | 4 comments I'm Andria, a huge fantasy story fan. Here is where I'll post my ideas and pieces of writing for the story "Water and Steel" (title not permanent). I'll edit this post more explaining what the storyline is so far.

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Andria (andriard) | 4 comments Here is the first piece of my writing for the story. This is a key moment in the story where Kaycee is exposed as a woman and the unraveling of everyone's personal life begins, ie the beginning of the real rise of the story.

"Cenric pulled himself from the burning wooden hole made by the explosion. Bits of ash and splinters fell from his clothes as he pulled at the deck of the ship, crawling back to the surface with other crew members who were adjusting themselves on their feet. Cenric felt the mythril that was solidifying after dripping from the hole he was climbing out of pull at his skin.
As he looked around to see the damage above deck, slowly, the rest of the crew locked eyes with something on the side of the ship and within moments all the men he could see looked near frightened. Cenric shot his head around, looking for any remnants of the enemy or maybe a bomb that had yet to go off. Instead, his eyes locked with the figure that everyone was starring at. Kaycee was slowly rising from his knees, using the rail of the ship to lift himself to his feet. His clothes were torn and burnt at the edges from the bombs, and there was a white and charred black cloth that strung from under his shirt to trail along the ground as he rose. His movements were strange, and for a split second Cenric thought he had been hit by a bomb or stabbed by a piece of flying wood. That was until Kaycee stood up completely, showing what Cenric realized the cloth had been hiding. Underneath his shirt and exposed by the slowly loosening wrap was a bosom, curving and stretching the fabric of his, no, her, clothes. The image he had of Kaycee suddenly changed from a slightly effeminate man to the realization that he was in fact a she. Her body was now curved underneath her mens clothing, changed from what he guessed had been a spell to alter her image that was no longer in place. In a moments diversion Cenric glanced at the crew surrounding him who were all still standing, stunned, with the same open mouthed expression as Cenric realized he had, all except for Nadia who calmly walked over to Kaycee.
“Of all the battles…” Nadia whispered to Kaycee, handing her a cut blanket salvaged from the wreckage covering the ship.
Kaycee took the blanket and glanced down at herself. Cenric saw her pause and catch her breath before choking back a sound and slowly wrapping the blanket around her exposing chest. “Had to be this one, huh?” was all she had to say as a scowl covered her eyes and replaced a held back painful grin pulling at the corner of her lips.
Kaycee looked up at the crew as some slowly closed their mouths to simply watch her, and others turned red. Nadia moved behind her, nervously picking up the pieces of Kaycee’s wrap that had mostly fallen off her body and bundled the enormous amount of it in her arms.
Kaycee had no idea how to handle this. She had thought about what would happen if she had been exposed, but she had taken so many precautions, they were passing fears in her mind. All she could think to do, with the ship in need of repair to reach port, and crew members needing tending to, was brush her exposure off in hopes that the crew would focus on what needed to be done, and she could figure out how to deal with the repercussions as matters were tended to.
In a moments decision, Kaycee snarled in a now out of character voice, “Shut your mouths, get to stations! Make sure there are no bombs left, patch up the ship, get the wounded below deck and get us the hell to port! Llyr!”
Llyr nodded to her, his face red but mouth closed.
She starred him down, as first mate he was her only hope of order on the ship at that point, and ordered, “Get it done.”
“Yes…” he paused before hastily adding, “Captain,” and began shouting orders, shoving the crew from their stunned states into nervous compliance.
“Nadia…” Kaycee said, barely able to glance behind her at the woman. “Cut that cloth off me and get the ointment from my chest.” The woman nodded, pulling her knife from her belt and slicing the long train of bandage that was tangled in her arms and the frayed end hung at Kaycee’s back, still attached to a good amount that was wrapped around the Captain’s body under the patched blanket.
The two women walked in silence to the Captains quarters, Llyr and a few other men shouting orders and nearly every crew member glancing at Kaycee as she passed along the deck. Cenric was left standing still, watching Kaycee until Nadia closed the door to their room."

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