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Johns | 923 comments Mod
Like this, but full of instruments like Drums, Guitars, Mics, ect.

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Knockout Sam walked in and crased into a drum set "och" she found her way to a stole and begain to toon

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Jane walked in and began tuning her electric guitar

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Nate had been wearing a head set over his ears and had been playing his acoustic guitar. He sat by the window there and his hands played against his instrument with ease. He hummed along to the song occasionally saying something to match the melody. He looked up when he heard Jane walk in behind him. He nodded in her direction "Hey!" he didn't know how loud his voice actually was.

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She smiled, 'Hey' she strummed her guitar and laughed. Then put a hand to her ears, 'THat was loud' she joked and began playing 'Beat it' by MIchael Jackson. When she was done she sighed and looked at him 'Sup?' She asked

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Nate laughed at her then pulled out his headphones. "Nothing much, just working on some song lyrics." he looked down at his watch on his wrist. He cursed his breath and was suddenly in a hurry. He sat up and put his headphones back in his coat pocket. He zipped his guitar up in his bag and then looked up at her apologetically. "I gotta go meet a friend somewhere." he hurried toward the exit. "oh yeah, I"m Nate by the way" he grinned at her then left.

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She smirked 'Ja-' she began then he left she sighed and sat down putting some earphones in to listen to some music. She tapped her finger to the beat

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Jane played on the guitar the song she was listening to 'Bad' and smiled looking at where she was playing, her fingers going up and down the guitar's neck

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After Jane finished playing she packed up her electric guitar and sighed

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