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"Why the Garden?" Tessa asked smiling

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"Its amazing but not the best thing here" Tessa said smiling shyly

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"its nice to see you smile it doesnt happen much" sits next to him

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"join the club" Tessa stood up so fast she feel to the ground no longer smiling

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"thanks im such a...." sighs and wont meet his eyes

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"no"she whispers but she cant stop herself she looks up at him " you thnk so"

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"NO!!!" pulls back "you cant we cant i cant" tears fill her eyes

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"im sorry" wipes eyes "bad past"

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"no wait!"

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"I understand you know. ypu probably dont think i do but i understand..... i can read thoughts"

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"trust me"

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"i know exactly how you feel execpt not my funeral my parents brother sister. but i can leave." slowly hides in shadows so he thinks shes gone

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she listens to his thoughts and relizes he thinks like she does

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ur not a monster she thought ur the sweetest boy ever. he makes me miss my family tears fill her eyes

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"Your Not!!" she hugged him "you could never be a monster" if any one is i am she thought

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"im not scared" she said laying on the floor "you cant scare me"

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"i know" she rested her head on his back " Lets go back to your dorm ok"

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"thats just it i cant!" she screamed "I've never cared about any one since i was eight!! i cant leave because i care!"

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"you sound like me" she shook her head "but i cant change how i feel"

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"dont say that please" she reaches out to touch him and strokes his face "please"

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"fine" she looks at him then turns and walks away

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Tessa walks back into garden with her hood up and hands in her pockets and runs into a boy

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((thought i wasnt coming to him till tomorrow))

"sorry Dauntless i can leave...."

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((yea Conor i think it is))

"bye" i'll miss u i thought to him

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((your other knew character isnt his name Conor?))

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((thats who it was supposed be to but im good with either would be fine))

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"sorry to disturb you. i can leave, i was looking for someone too but hes not here either" she looks around again to make sure

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"ok so i havent ever seen you around whats your name?" Tessa said with a smile

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"easy enough and im Tessa i'll help you if you need something so whats your ability"

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"thats cool i can turn into any one or thing" she left out the part of reading minds

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tears show in her eyes "i wish"

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"if you dont mind a story i can tell you what happened"

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"well its hard to explain. when i was 8 my parents and i got in fight, because i was out with friends after school. well they wanted to go to diner but i would go. so my parents my brother and sister all left and died in an accident. i had no other family so first i went to a foster home and the same thing happened so i came here. but i did what i promised i nevr would

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"i fell in love"

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'lemme hear it"

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"ok" then dont think about it she thought to him for i can read your thoughts

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"she was pretty"

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"she looks familiar"

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"what was her name"

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((talk when you get on))

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"Her name sounds familiar..... is she dead?"

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Violent Vi (violetk) | 156 comments "Wow Dauntless, this is awesome!" She said, watering a plant with her fingertips.

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Violent Vi (violetk) | 156 comments "Can I see?" She said. She sat next to him and looked at the picture. "Oh my god Daunt, this is amazing! You're super talented!"
(gtg, I'll be back tomorrow though.)

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Violent Vi (violetk) | 156 comments "No I'm kidding. Of course I think so!" She said. She touched the end thorn, thinking it might actually prick her.

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Violent Vi (violetk) | 156 comments (Hannah?)

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See I knew you'd get over me eventully. Her thoughts sounded sad, and sleepy. He wouldn't know she was asleep.

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Images of them shot through her dreams to him. I'm sorry Daunt.

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