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Shomeret | 1371 comments 5)Findingsby Mary Anna Evans (mystery)265 pages. Source: Library Started: 5/6 Finished: 5/7

Why Read: I discovered that this is the only Faye Longchamp novel that I hadn't read yet.

Comments: I didn't think much of the case, but there were some great Civil War flashbacks. Still, flashbacks don't really make a book if the contemporary case is formula with shallow characterization and motives. Rating C

6)The Pelican Codeby Tim Lea (contemporary/historical thriller)Source: Bookplex
Started: 5/8 Finished: 5/9

Why Read: The MC wants to prove that Christopher Marlowe wrote the works of Shakespeare. I don't believe that's possible, but I was willing to go along for the ride.

Comments: The contemporary aspect deals with the boring life of the MC. Thriller type action does eventually make an appearance rather late in the plot. By then, most thriller fans would have bailed. There are a few great Elizabethan flashbacks. I kept on hoping for more of them. I wish there had been more Christopher Marlowe in this book and less contemporary soap opera. If you want to see a different version of this review with my take on why Christopher Marlowe didn't write the works of Shakespeare, take a look at "The Anti-Langdon Thriller Hero" on my blog at:

7)Shades of Greyby Michael Cargill (mixed genre anthology) Source: author giveaway Started: 5/9 Finished: 5/10

Why Read: The author requested a review from me and I agreed. I saw the reviews were good and I was willing to try it.

Comments: The title story deals with a contemporary Black Ops man being captured. It was very stream of consciousness which was an effective technique for dealing with the MC's viewpoint under the circumstances. The MC didn't seem sympathetic to me, but it was well done. The second story is a WWII historical tale dealing with the meaning of courage. The MC's friend is better developed and more interesting than the MC. The third and last is a Stephen King type horror story that deals with domestic violence. It was actually the most original story of the anthology. I think that the common theme of all the stories is that violence begets more violence. I gave the anthology as a whole a B- because the middle story wasn't as strong as the other two.

8)Lucifer's Tearsby James Thompson (mystery)345 pages. Source: Independent Bookstore Started: 5/11 Finished: 5/12

Why Read: I bought this at the bookstore where the F2F mystery group that I attend takes place. The facilitator of the group noticed it and proposed it as a group read. I pointed out that it's the second book. This didn't bother me but there are RIOs in the group. So she changed the selection to Snow Angels. I stuck with this one because it sounded more interesting to me.

Comments: Here's a very important point if you are sensitive about spoilers, but still think you might read this one first. There are numerous spoilers for Snow Angels in this book including whodunit. This isn't always the case in mysteries. Not all authors deal with the previous case in the following book. But Thompson certainly did. If I do read Snow Angelsin the future, those spoilers won't bother me. I have already forgotten the details. This book is as noir as the Scandinavian noir by Scandinavians. I didn't like that the MC, Inspector Vaara, was so close to the edge in temperament. I understood why he lost control so easily, but that didn't make me like it. I didn't think a cop should be so quick to become violent. There was another law enforcement character who I thought was even worse. I did like Vaara's American wife, Kate.There is a secondary WWII hero character who I found likable even though he was ambivalent. Whodunit was a bit unexpected though I had some inkling about it earlier in the book. The WWII aspect was a revelation to me. I had no idea of what had happened in Finland during this period. I think that this book made me see how Finland is separate and distinct from other Scandinavian countries. That made it a good choice for Finland in the Around the World challenge. But the rating is B- I really don't like what this book revealed about the future direction of the series, so I probably won't be reading the third.

To Be Continued...

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14402 comments Shomeret: I enjoyed Snow Angels and Lucifer's Tears and also found the WWII aspect very interesting.

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