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E | 119 comments Chloe Bennett sat snuggled into one of the big, soft chairs while pulling then eating various candies from a bag in her lap. 'awww, I haven't seen much of my fellow puffs today' she pouted. She slipped her tennisshoe graced feet over the arm of the chair and began to bob them up and down for her own amusement.

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E | 119 comments Chole pulled out her book "The Ultimate Guide To Boys And Best Friends!!" and started to read. If nobody disturbed her reading, she decided, then after a couple chapters she might go mingle a bit. She them started chewing on a chocolate frog and delving into her sappy love book.

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E | 119 comments The smaller girl looked up happily.
"Yup! You're Scott, right? Our two-person-team leader! We HAVE to get some more people, otherwise we can't play at all!" She set the book down on the side table and stood up. "It doesn't matter how good we are if we don't have a full team!"

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E | 119 comments Chloe did a fist pump and decided to roam in search of some more friends to help recruit! Scott shouldn't be the only one working for this team! She grabbed her satchel and scampered toward the door, going no particualar place.

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Naomi walked slowly in, "Hi, I'm Naomi." she said shyly.

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E | 119 comments Oh Hi! Chloe smiled, "It's nice to meet you! I'm Chloe and this is my third year! What about you!?"

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"I'm new here," Naomi said, smiling. "First year."

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E | 119 comments "haha! That's great!" She walked over to set her bag on the table. "Other people may tell you different, but this is the best house! Everybody's really nice and the only thing close to meaness here is a little friendly competition!" She pulled her candy out of the sack. "Would you like some candy?" Chloe held out the bag to her.

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Naomi gave a little shake of her head, "No, thank you."

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E | 119 comments "OK Then!" Chloe smiled, then her eyes widened as she remembered something. "Nao! Nao! Will You Join Our Quidditch Team!?!? Please!? Scott said we needed more people for our team.." her eyes suddenly grew sad "or else we can't play this year at all."

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Naomi frowned and sat down, "I-I don't know... Are first years even allowed to?"

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E | 119 comments "Aww, yeah..." Chloe looked puzzled. "Maybe wecould ask Professor Mcgonigal for an exception.. We'd also need to talk to Scott; he's the captain."

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"Okay..." Naomi said, feeling a bit lost.

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E | 119 comments "Sorry, I know it's your first year, and i know i'm overwehlming you..." Chloe apologised. "The quidditch team is just a bit low on players this year and Scott and i are asking everyone we can because we only have two players right now."

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Naomi smiled and nodded, "Oh, I see."

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E | 119 comments "Yeah, that's why we're tryin to get so many people."
She paused, "Which class is your favorite so far??"

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"Transfiguration!" Naomi said excitedly.

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Elise Reamer (XxPastaLoverxX) | 5 comments Suddenly, Maya stumbled into the dormitory, three books held by her pale hands. "Oh, hi Chloe!" Be it that she was holding books, she could not partake in her usual wave, so she just smiled. She turned to the unfamiliar girl. "And you are?" The blonde continued to beam.

[[ This is how I get myself into roleplays. :> ]]

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E | 119 comments "Hey, Maya! Long time no see!" Chloe waved her over cheerfully. "This is Naomi! She's a first year and I was telling her all the reasons why Hufflepuff is the best!"

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Elise Reamer (XxPastaLoverxX) | 5 comments She set the books down in some place random, which meant she would probably be unable to find them later on, and giggled slightly. "Of course Hufflepuff is the best!" The teen extended a hand to Naomi in greeting. :>

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E | 119 comments "Hey maya" Chloe turned to face her.
" did you decide on doing quidditch yet?"

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E | 119 comments "THEY SURE ARE!" Chloe mewed.
She ran over to the taller boy excitedly, "I told them they have to join the team <3!! But..." she paused.
" Naomi is only a first year so we'd have to get special permission from professor McGonagal for her to join.."

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Elise Reamer (XxPastaLoverxX) | 5 comments "Wait- when did I say- I don't like being off of the ground!"

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E | 119 comments Chloe turned to Maya " PWWEEAASSEEE?!"
"You and a few other people and we can have our very own team!"she pleaded

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"Yes, I'm new here," Naomi said, smiling.

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Naomi shrugged, "First years aren't allowed, though!"

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"Maybe..." Naomi said slowly.

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Naomi grinned, "I love it!"

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E | 119 comments " yeah! If we made sure it was okay with the teachers, you could play too!" Chloe smiled' "Don't worry if you're not very good yet, you'll have time to practice and everything as well!"

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"If they give me permission, sure!" Naomi said.

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E | 119 comments "Yay!" Chloe jumped up and waved her arms around quickly with utter excitement.She then turned to Maya, "What about you???"

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Elise Reamer (XxPastaLoverxX) | 5 comments "I'm not sure! I mean, if we need more people in our team for Quidditch, I'm sure I can try to not be scared, but.." Maya sighed before perking up, smiling nervously. "..Why not?"

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E | 119 comments "OH YEAH WE HAVE FOUR PEOPLE!!" Chloe fist pumped with happiness

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Margie   (claussmargie) auburn walked into hufflepuff and smiled at them and sat and started to read.

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