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((Your characters have been falsely accused for a crime serious enough to be put on death row at a prison called Deadman Wonderland. All of the inmates here are on death row. Everyone wears collars that slowly put a poison in the person's body. After a week, they will die.

But, if they somehow get enough cast points* to get a special piece of candy, that tastes like crap, they will get another 8 days to live.

Lets see~

Crow(Senji)- Me
Tamaki(Voiced by Eric Vale(America))
Game Fowl(Koshio)
(These are more of the main ones, if you want another, just ask)

*Cast points- Points you earn for doing good things in the prison and winning races.

Your character can have a branch of sin(The ability to control their blood for a weapon.)

Kiku- Accused for blowing up a building full of people. He just happened to be walking out of the building right when it exploded. He is like Crow, he can make scythes out of his blood, but he can also throw them.

Gilbert- Accused for killing the people at his work. He can turn his blood into whips and bats.))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 103 comments ((What is this about their blood?))

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((Its called a branch of sin. If they cut them self or get cut or something caused them to bleed, their blood will float around them~ And the person can form it into a weapon and attack~))

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That's cool and creepy as hell.

Gah… I'll think of something for my charries…))

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((O_O is that meant to look like the scythe is going through his arm?

Or are my eyes just blurry from staring at the computer the whole day?))

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((I think it is... BUT, he has one on each arm~ and a mini chainsaw on his thumb~))

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