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Apply for Annie's Book Store and be approved by a mod before starting your job.

Why You Want to Work Here:
Other Info:

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Name: Zarabeth Brooks
Age: 17
Power/Species: Gifted human
Why You Want to Work Here: She is great with the customers and always friendly. She is good with money, so the casier position would be easy for her. She is very organized so sorting the books would be a pleasure
Other Info: She reads a lot so working her would be a dream come true for her.

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Ciara  | 138 comments Name: Katya Wolfe
Age: 24
Power/Species: Werewolf, although she will stay in human while working!
Why she'd like to work here: Katya enjoys reading and so she would be good at recommending a book for anyone that meets their criteria.
She will keep her head down and get the work she's given done.
Plus, Katya needs money to support her two young children.
Other info: Katya is willing to work any day other than Sundays.

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Ciara  | 138 comments Thank you ! :)

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