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the never ending story

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Aidyn this is how it goes, ill start it out with a sentence, and you add two more. lets see where this story goes!!!

Todd and his kid sister Jessie were out for a walk, when the weirdest thing happened...

Allison they saw something falling from the sky...only to realize that it was PLUTO!

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Yes Pluto The Dog, And He Had Something In His Mouth But It Was To Small To Be Able To See What Was There.

Allison So Todd and Jessie decided to check it out, but what they found was very shocking!

Hannah Todd, being the adult told his sister they should go, but Jessie instead took the space alien baby and climbed to the top of a tree.

Jessie It had a bulbous green head, and its large round black eyes blinked at them startlingly.

Angel / YA rules!/ Jessie was fascinated with the baby. Todd asked Jessie to come down from the tree...

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and she did. Todd started to examine the baby but it suddenly

Hannah started hiccup. The sound was like a weird mix of an old dog and a lizard.

Allison Jessie was so shocked at the sound it made that she dropped it, but when she did it started to fly!

Jessie Bright electric blue wings unfurled from its tiny back.

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Lily It floated right in front of Todd's face before it...

Angel / YA rules!/ plopped in his arms... the baby looked up at him and...

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Lily reached it's hand up to grabb Todd's nose.

Dylan Yang suprised,Todd accidentally drop the alien baby

Angel / YA rules!/ Todd glowed and started floating as Jessie looked in complete and utter shock...

Danny Valle Jessie yelled, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"

Jessie And then Jessie bolted up from her bed. Cold sweat ran down her forehead and her eyes were bleary from sleep. Was it all a dream?

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo Then, suddenly she saw the alien baby outside. But it was grown up and trying to eat Todd...

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Lily Jessie ran down the stairs as fast as she could. She grabbed her dad's baseball bat from beside the door and quietly walked out of the house.

Angel / YA rules!/ "was that supposed hurt?" and the baby grabbed the bat from Jessie and...

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Kat suddenly dropped it. He then fell backwards and landed on the floor with a plop. Jessie cautiously approached the baby and was amazed to see that it had mysteriously...

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Lily Turned to a bunch of green goo. She turned backaround to see Todd...

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo Was fine...But he too was covered in green goo. Then alien ships started to invade earth and the mother of the baby alien was the leader, So Todd and Jessie tried to save us by...

Angel / YA rules!/ jumping off the tallest building onto one of the alien ships successfully hijacking it...

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo Then, the alien who was controlling it tried to eat them. But a dragon came soaring through the sky and ate it, It turned to Todd and Jessie...

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Ana "I've come to help you defeat the alien invasion."

He roared and breathed fire on a nearby alien spaceship burning it to a cinder.

"Cool" said Todd as he hopped on to its back.

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Lily The dragon defeated all of the aliens. It took Todd and Jessie back to their house. "If you ever need me, just call for Kiddie," The dragon said before...

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo "MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
They heard the evil laugh.
They turned around and gasp because standing right there was...

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Lily Cato from Jessies favorite book the hunger games. Cato was holding a big knife.

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Ana Standing behind Cato was The evil President Kronsebmort.."Who summoned the dragon?" he hissed in a snakelike voice..

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Lily Jessie shrugged her shoulders. "The dr-dragon just appeared," she answered.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo Then..."Stop."
They turned to see a man, with grey hair and beard. He was wearing a cloak and was armed with a bow and arrows.

"I summoned the Dragon. kill these kids, and I will kill you.The man said in a calm yet scary voice."They'll defeat your plans, wither you like it or not."

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Ana President Kronsebmort laughed and Cato moved forward with the grip on his knife tightening.

The grey bearded man lifted his hand and made a made a sweeping gesture sending Cato flying into the air.

"Do not underestimate me" he said

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo He then pulled out two daggers from his belt, and charged.
They slashed and fought, then President Kronsebmort...

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took out a machine gun and started firing

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo It hit the grey bearded man in the shoulder, then suddenly the Dragon roared and swished President Kronsebort.
"Good, Aoquesth." the grey bearded man said. Then the Dragon(Aoquesth) started to...

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Lily Hiccup causing minor earthquakes throughout the town.

Jessie The little shacks and run down stores began to tremble, before collapsing in on itself.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo The grey bearded man groaned. He then, turn to Todd and Jessie,
"Who are you?" Asked Todd.
"I am Halt."He replayed."Come,before they wake up."
They hopped into Aoquesth and...

Jessie Aoquesth rose until his hind legs, and then with a strong beat of his wings, they rose into the air.
Jessie squeezed her eyes shut and cold sweat trickled down the nape of her neck. The dizzying height expanded beneath her.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo "So...where are we going exactly?" asked Todd,in awe.
"Ayladon." The man said simply."You need help to stop their plans..."
Then he clutched his arm. They was going to the medic first...

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Ana The streets and houses became as small as ants as the dragon flew up through the clouds. They flew over a large forest just as Aoquesth started his steep descent.
"We're going to crash!!" yelled Jessie as she chanced a look downwards.
She closed her eyes as the whooshing wind made her eyes stream. Suddenly everything seemed calm. They had landed.

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo They opened their eyes, to see a beautiful forest. It was so green and surround by nature.
"So, this is Ayladon?" Jessie asked.
"No," The man chuckled."This is just one of it's forests."
They traveled through the forest(Which was called 'Victorious')
After that Todd & Jessie gasp at the wonderful village before them...(You can add anything you want in this place)

Hannah The village was like something out of a fairy tale. Happy villagers walked around, buying things from the different stalls, smiling and waving at everyone.

Allie THE END!


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Kat A sign proclaimed, gleaming in lights, right in the middle of the village, in front of an inn. Todd and Jessie looked at each other in wonder.
"What a mysterious place." They said in unison, excitement sparkling in their eyes.
Halt showed them the way to the inn.
"Yes, THE END! Inn. This is a proper place to conceal our presence in. No one comes here but drunks and tourists." Halt mumbled.
Todd ran in first, and screamed in delight when he saw...

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo A griffin...with a ruby in it's fore head, like Aoquesth's only Aoquesth's had a sapphire one.
It was majestic and beautiful. But it looked like it was tutored and in pain.
"Poor, griffin." Jessie said, patting the griffin in the head.
Just the the owner burst out from the door, all drunk and careless he had a whip and "mysteriously" the griffin had marks like it...

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Ana "Put down your whip" ordered Halt looking at tht owner angrily..

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo The owner looked at Halt and laughed,
"Or what?" He said. Then, a wave of water with a blue aura shot at the owner. And then vines with green aura roped around his waist while he was unconscious. Now he was hanging in the air with vines.
Halt looked at Todd and Jessie and saw that they had auras that were similar...

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