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Alec had just got to the top of the hill and was steadily turning around, looking at the view streching before him in all directions.

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Capree gathered a deep breath and walked further on. This place had been a great spot to think. She could figure out a great plan to save her parents and it was obvious her brother was no help.

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Alec sat himself down on the ground, twisting his ring round his finger absentmindedly, briefly noting how their seemed to be someone else climbing the trail.

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Capree bend over and picked one of the flowers from the ground, her eyes scanned the plains.

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Seeing as she seemed to be the only thing around doing anything, Alec kept glancing back at her, the action holding his attention. He focused on the plains and made a new tree shoot out of the ground, before quickly looking back at her to see her reaction.

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Capree jumped, obviously shocked and that's when she realized she wasn't alone and thinking wouldn't be her priority. "Hello?" she called out.

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"Hi!" Alec called over to her, waving an arm and standing up to make it easier for her to see him.

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Capree straightened up and looked over at the guy. "Who are you?" she asked and didn mean to sound so rude but she did

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"My name's Alec," he said, holding his hand out to her. "And yourself?"

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Capree took his hand. "Capree Reventoro." she said with a soft smile.

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Alec smiled at her. "Well in that case I suppose I should say Alec Lanks," he said as he lowered his hand after shaking hers. "So what brings you up here, Capree?"

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Capree bit her lip and looked away from him. "oh, this seemed like a good place to think." she answered.

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"May I ask what about?" Alec looked at her, wondering if she would answer.

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Capree took a deep breath. "Personal reasons. What brings you here?"

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Alec laughed slightly, "Personal reasons," he answered, playing with his signet ring again.

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Capree eyed him for a momen before finally asking, "Are you waiting for someone?"

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"No," Alec shook his head. "Though I guess it could be said that I'm waiting to be born, or at least conceived."

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Capree raised her eyebrow. "Your from the future too?" she was a bit shocked that everyone she'd met so far had been from there.

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Alec nodded. "My brother made me come back to try and help protect our family, but I still feel responsible as to what happened..."

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Capree felt like she related to him. The stories sounded a bit familiar. "That's why me and my brother came back." she blurted out.

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Alec tilted his head to the side, surprised at what she just said but not questioning anything. "Where's your present self? Or is she not born either?"

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Capree chewed on her lip. "She's alive. I am. I was born a whole ago." she answered.

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"So how old is that version of you?" Alec nodded.

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Capree ran her fingers through her hair and shrugged. "I don't really know to be honest."

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"Good answer," Alec laughed, smiling crookedly (aka, his normal smile). "So why did you return?"

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"like I said, personal issues." Capree answered with a smile of her own.

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"Well, from what you said before it had something to do with your brother," Alec replied. "So tell me, who is he?"

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"His name is Trace and honestly family issues, people dying, ugly second cousins to deal with. Demons and all together pure evil. Plus I think this is around the time my mom cheats on my dad for his brother without really meaning too." Capree replied with a bitter tone she rarely ever used.

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Alec nodded, "Family issues really suck," he stated. "Though, without family we wouldn't really get anywhere..."

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Capree sighed inwardly, her eyes rose to met his. "True, without family I wouldn't be here."

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"That seems to be a topic we should avoid," Alec commented, thinking how it seemed to be complicated for both of them. "So what about friends? Do you think that could prove to be a better matter to discuss?"

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Capree shrugged her shoulder and rolled her eyes. "I don't have any. And the last I tried to make… it just doesn't work out." she tried not to look wounded about it.

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Alec nodded again, trying to think of a topic that could work. "Any hobbies?"

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Capree tilted her head. "I… draw. My mom was- is an artist. I love painting and drawing, sketching and all that jazz. You? Is there anything you enjoy?"

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"Bikes," Alec answered. "Building them, fixing them, riding them. I just," he shrugged. "Like it. My mum used to be about the ultimate tomboy, and that part of her never really went, it'll always be there to stay."

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"that's very… I like it honestly. Nobody I know does that. And it's amazing." Capree said softly, wrapping her arms around herself.

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"I've, err... Got four motors back home. I could teach you to ride one some time?" Alec offered, not really knowing what to reply with, so went with the first thing that came to mind.

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Capree nodded, her face heated up just a little cuz it sounded like he was making a date. Or maybe a friendly request to hang out. She wast sure. "that would be way fun."

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"Cool," Alec nodded, he seemed to be doing a lot of nodding today...? "Just say when and we can sort it."

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"I'm free most of the time. Um what are you?" Capree asked trying not to pry.

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"Immortal elemental," Alec shrugged. "You?"

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"Dream Walker and… slightly succubus." Capree said putting her hands on her hips. "But more Dream Walker than anything."

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"What do you do as a Dream Walker?" Alec asked, genuinely interested.

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"well, I help people. I help with dreams and stuff. What do you do as an immortal?" Capree asked, with a smile, plopping down on the ground as gracefully as she could manage.

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"Nothing as beautiful as that," Alec said, sitting next to her, one leg stretched out in front of him, the other propped up, his arm resting on his knee as he lent forwards slightly. "We can live forever, which is the obvious one, can make other people immortal; we can read minds; go wherever we want in the blink of an eye; shadow run; heal ourselves and others," he shrugged. "Some of it can also depend on the immortal in question, as they're just the basic things. Some can be gifted, for instance with being able to make something imaginary real, and some can be cursed," he finished slightly bitterly, twirling his signet ring around again.

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Capree looked out in front of herself, stretching her legs and then turned her attention to him. "But you could make it beautiful. For instance become an immortal doctor and save lifes." then she sighed softly. "I wanted my mom to teach me. Or train me to be what I am. But she died before she could ever do such a thing. She came back as a soul collector or whatever."

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"I'm sorry," Alec said seriously, understandingly. "I would do such a thing, it's not like I don't have the time for it, but sometimes it can be best to keep a low profile with the humans around..."

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"True, I guess I'll never really understand. But I know you could do anything you wanted and make a great difference in the world." Capree took his hand as if she could reassure him better that way.

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Alec smiled at her. "I suppose I could, then retire for a few years before starting again somewhere else," he pondered. "It's just also a matter of control..." He muttered, more to himself than her.

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Capree closed her eyes and laid back in the soft grass, her hair fanned about around her face, framing it. She only hopes so didn't look bad. But normally she didn't and when did she actually start caring about her looks? "You can do it. If my dad could kiss my mom without ripping her soul away, trust me you can control, you njust need the right support at your side."

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