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SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments Looka stepped out of her dorm to go to the barn and by the time she got there it was night and she heard someone walk in the shadows and said :"Who's there ?? "

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments Naya was passing and heard that girl shouting ... she looked from behind the bushes anxiously and said "emm it's me ... who are you?"

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments Looka didn't know wether to introduce herself r not but in an unthinking move said:"It's Looka from dorm 37 "..paused a bit thinking of what she just di and said :"who are you ?"

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments "i m Naya .. were you crying?" asked Naya suspiciously not like she cared but she did notice that her eyes were full of tears and couldnt help but know why

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments ((let's rp here .. and it's me and her and anyone else))

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments (( OK ))

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SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments wipping her eyes fast she said :"NO!!!" not that it was any of Naya's biusness but she was very defensive and said:"I thought me and .. i thought i was the only one who came here what are you doing here ?? "

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments Naya wasn't shocked by her answer but still couldn't help but go stand by her and just say "emm well don't .. em .. tear what ever it was it isn't ..worth it " said naya with a weird tone she paused then said " well sorry for asking but emm do you happen to find a bracelet which shine i think i droped it here some where? .. not that it bothers you ???"

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments "It's a barn .. you wont find anything in here."said Looka in a sarcastic and rude way bet then saw it wasn't like her and said :"what does it look like anyway ??"

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments naya didn't like the way she talked so she said with a sigh " well you wouldn't really care" "but it is a bracelet with two shiny butterflies one gold and one silver and it's really important to me " said naya all in one breath and she just looked down and stared sadly at the barn

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments surprised Looka said :"Like this ??" showing her hand with a sparkling braclet with four butterflies tagling from it and said to cheer Naya up after having a nod as an answer : "I know how something like this can be very ..intemate and important" then neeled down on her knees and started looking for it

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments "yea it's just emm ... " tears almost filled her eyes "my boyfriend before he ... emm got ..." a tear almost fell from her eyes but she held it back "well it is very important actually and you will help me" And then naya was suddenly shocked when she saw the same bracelet and then got to her knees and started looking ..then she paused , looked at looka and asked her "wh-where did you get this from ?? if it doesn't bother you?"

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments "HEY i know you you are sandra right??? i saw you before " naya looked at her not remembering where she saw her " are you okay??" asked naya with her sarcastic tone

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments Looka looked at Sandra then looked at Naya and saw that she wanted to ask her for another pair of hands to look for the braclet "look if it's not too much trouble can you look with us for a braclet it looks like this one and it would really mean alot to... Naya" said Looka pointing to Naya and holding up her hand to show her braclet

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments " well you don't have too " ... she paused a little but second thinking she said " actually you would be a great hand if it's not too much it's just it's like my lucky charm emm so if it doesn't bother you" said Naya sadly ...

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments .... suddenly she got dizzy and remembered she hadn't eaten anything since morning but a bar of chocolate "im too tired" said naya faintly

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments " I think i have a candy bar here somewhere.."said Looka helpfully while looking through her bag that she seemd never to leave and got out of it a small chocolate bar and gave it to Naya while looking at Sandra who was looking through the hay bored and said to Naya :"So.. if you dont mind me asking..what are you ??"

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments Naya rested on the ground crossing her legs and opened the bar " well i am a fire user i can burn anything up and i also tend to scare people" she laughed .." and iam also an illusionist i am supposed to play in people's mind but .. these days im on some pills because i .. actually used to enjoy it" she said in a shameful tone " so i am on pills so that i wouldn't be able to use it ... for now so what are you?"

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments still shocked and frightened at the thought that she was sitting with an illusionist who may be able to play with her mind and wasn't sure about the whole pill thing it could be easily a decoy so as not to scare her off Looka wanted to be scary as well so she said: "I'm an airbender that means i can control all of the four elements :water , air ,earth and fire" wanting to shock her more she said :"I also have wings ..they were given to me by my mother a fallen angel" Looka wasnt happy that the fact that her mother was a fallen angel slipped out of her mouth she was a bit ashamed about that because fallen angels are fallen only because of their mistchif and she can only remember her mother as the most caring and loving mother ever

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments "o my god yes yes that's it " her face suddenly lit up " thank you thank you " she was smiling ...then she turned her eyes down after hearing sandra's question she said through her teeth " yes i .. actually do .. but " she paused " it's not what you think i just .. it feels good and i have been through alot so you can simply say it was my only salvation" she said in a shameful voice .. Naya was stunned by hearing that looka has wings wandering what they look like so she didn't mind asking "how do they look like .. let's go somewhere and sit sandra and looka maybe talk" naya wasnt from the sociable type but she needed to talk

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SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments (( Jahlia you have made us a dorm?? ))

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments come on guys lets go to Off Campus > Chuck e Cheeses

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments (( i gtg now))

SkyGirl97*Salma*YOLO | 929 comments " I...She loved a human..well atleast that's what she thought he was... so the archangeles tore her wings off and banned her to earth where she may never feel anything again but that didn't stop her from loving my father deeply until they..." Looka stopped and saw that she gave too much and said "Well shall we go chuckey cheeses?? "

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments "guys please let's get out of here" sighed naya "it's so lame here" she said looking at her bracelet happily

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 1022 comments and so the three of them headed to chuck e cheese

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Drew (purrfectly) Rika wanders into the barn, bored. Class hasn't started yet, nobody is around... I bet the horses are less bored than I am! That gives Rika an idea. If anybody comes around, I could surprise them! She touches one of the horses, and concentrates. She turns into a horse.
(and waits for somebody to come. 0-0 Stares at person on the screen.)

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Drew (purrfectly) Rika looks up, happy to see a person. She trots right up to her, and neighs happily. The neigh sounds a little bit off, more human than horse. woops. Rika thinks, and tries to keep herself from smiling-- horses don't smile.

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Drew (purrfectly) Rika morphs back into a human, pouting. "How'd you know? I was gonna surprise someone by talking to them..." She crosses her arms, pouting.
((Woops. Said pouting twice.))

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Drew (purrfectly) (g2g now. Back in 3 hrs, if you're still there by then.))

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Drew (purrfectly) (Back!)
"What do you mean, my aura?" Rika asks, curious.

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Drew (purrfectly) "That's pretty amazing. All I can do is shape-shift." Rika smiles. "So what exactly are auras?"

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Drew (purrfectly) (sry, my internet turns off at 8. '^.^)
"That's pretty cool, to be able to see auras." Rika says, slightly awed. "So, what species are you? I was born a shapeshifter."

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Drew (purrfectly) "That's pretty cool!" Rika smiles happily. "Do animals have auras?" she asks, as an afterthought.
(Wah, can't find your character page. :( )

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Drew (purrfectly) (sry, had to go somewhere. '^.^)
"Does... that horse have an aura? She says, pointing to a random horse.

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Drew (purrfectly) "It's dying? We should save it! Death is terrible. What's it dying from?" Rika asks, worried.

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Drew (purrfectly) "Isn't there anything we can do? Death shouldn't be natural, and it's not essential." Rika says, though she is slightly calmed by the fact that it's age, and not sickness or anything.

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Drew (purrfectly) "Then people should go and discover a new earth! It can't be that hard, and the there wouldn't be excess life." Rika says

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Drew (purrfectly) (I was gone, too. Sry.)
Rika pouts, knowing that she's lost that argument. "I guess so." She says, grudgingly.

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Drew (purrfectly) "That would be awesome. You should always give animals and people proper burials." Rika says, though she's still sad that the horse is dying.

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Drew (purrfectly) "No, I don't. It looks pretty, though, and everyone deserves a proper burial." Rika says.

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Drew (purrfectly) "I don't know. Where do people usually bury horses?" Rika asks.

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Drew (purrfectly) "Is there any open area?" Rika says.

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Drew (purrfectly) "Which one's the nearest, or better for a a horse to be buried?"

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Drew (purrfectly) (Doesn't matter.)
(LOL, I just remembered... the horse is dying, but not dead, right?)
"How should we get it there?"

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Drew (purrfectly) "OK." Rika nods, frowning slightly just at the thought of the horse dying. "Poor horsey..." she mutters, and walks over and pets the horse, gently.

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Drew (purrfectly) "I guess...." Rika grumbles unhappily, then notices the flames. "Your hands are on fire!" she startles, being the naive and ignorant person she is.

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Drew (purrfectly) "That mean you're dead? 'Cause you're a spirit and all." Rika guesses, not knowing what a fox spirit really is.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Dessandra appeared and smiled looking around.

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