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Shomeret | 1380 comments My May reads have been mustered and they are being presented here for your inspection. Because I haven't been in school, I have the same number of reads as April but not so many on Kindle.

1)Fairlydenby Gwen Kirkwood (historical fiction) Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/12 Finished: 5/26

Why Read: This book takes place in 19th century Scotland and the MC is deaf. I'm interested in both Scotland and deaf MCs. I didn't have very much time for Kindle books after I got back from New York. I ended up not finishing it in April. So it became the first book of May even though it took nearly all of May to get it read. I had to prioritize e-books that I promised to review.

Comments: This is the first in a series dealing with a family farm. There are no huge world changing events in this book, but it is nevertheless a moving story. At the age of 15 Mattie Cameron must flee a horrifying arranged marriage and start a new life. Her biggest challenge was finding people who don't think that a deaf girl is an idiot. I rated this B+ If you want to see a fuller discussion of this book it's on a June blog post called "Discrimination Against The Deaf--Then and Now" at:

2)The Altar of My Soul: The Living Traditions of Santeriaby Marta Moreno Vega (memoir/alternative religion)283 pages. Source:Library Started: 4/30 Finished: 5/4

Why Read: I read Vega's YA memoir When the Spirits Dance Mambo: Growing Up Nuyorican in El Barrio and really liked the Santeria content. I looked at her other work on GR and decided that I needed to read this one.

Comments: I learned Santeria vocabulary and stories that I hadn't previously known. I was impressed by Vega's broad perspective. She embraces all the African diasporic religions. I gave this book an A. My blog post is "The Wide Embrace of Marta Moreno Vega" and can be found at

3)Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 1). (historical fantasy) Source: author's e-book giveaway Started: 5/1 Finished: 5/3

Why Read: It really sounded interesting. It's about an African American slave in the ante-bellum South with paranormal gifts who escapes slavery to live with a vampire. The author requested a review in return for the free gift.

Comments: When I was halfway through this book I was surprised to see reviews that called this a romance. One of the major requirements of romance is HEA. There is the strong implication that there is no HEA for this couple. So I labeled it dark fantasy in my review. The author commented that she would market future volumes as dark fantasy. I really liked the idea of a slave escaping with the help of a vampire, and I also really liked the way the vampire was portrayed. He's my sort of vampire--very much like Nick Knight from the TV series Forever Knight. I also really loved the strength and heroism of the female MC. I gave this a B+

4) Celtic Stormsby Delany Rhodes (historical paranormal romance) Source: The Bookplex
Started: 5/4 Finished: 5/6

Why Read: The heroine's family has secrets. That's vague, but I decided that it could be interesting. I also like historical romances that take place in Ireland.

Comments: Although there were a couple of minor problems, I did like this book. I was interested in the concept and the situation of the O'Malley clan. The hero was a wonderful character. I was somewhat miffed by the cliffhanger ending, however. Rating B- You can find a longer review with historical research among my May blog posts at

To Be Continued...

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14624 comments These all sound good, Shomeret! Love your blog!

message 3: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8062 comments Shomeret wrote: "3)Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 1). (historical fantasy) Source: author's e-book giveaway Started: 5/1 Finished: 5/3..."

This sounds intriguing, Shomeret. Glad your feedback on classifying this story was picked up on by the author!

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