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Just thought I'd add a mystery excerpt for an unpcoming issue in the magazine series (yes it's been rebooted). I know someone has been requesting this (you know who you are). :D

And here's what I have to say about the cover: TAKE THAT, SOPA! The cover kinda looks....electromagnetic...

Final words: I shot myself today. TSODR shot itself. My series is going back to it's roots as a blog book. Head over to http://dragonshortstories.wordpress.com/ Dragon Short Stories. I'll still upload it to Smashwords, but HOT DAMN! Dragons and Cicadas feels like a failure.


"Quentin Tyto, you never cease stirring up trouble,"
Syrene, the red-head android, carefully studied the hole on the girl's arm.
"If he intended to dispose her, why did he mark her as his own?"
Her Crotonian assistant suggested, "Maybe that's because...he built her."
She paused for a moment, thinking, and then she scoffed.
"Then he should have kept her. He's a collector of Victorian things, remember?"
Outside the dingy apartment complex, the hybrid vegetation had begun to chew away at the building's infrastructure. The androids with red facepaint were congregating in one half of the street, holding up signs of protest. On the other side, the peacekeeping androids were readying their weapons in case they had to destroy the red radicals. It didn't take long for the first gunshot to go off, and when it did, the booming sound made Syrene and Hedrick jump in fright.
"Jeez!" Hedrick rubbed the back of his neck.
Syrene shook her head at the disgrace of her people.
"it's genocide out there." she says.
She hears the sound of thundering footsteps--probably Quentin's brother, Yigin, rushing upstairs. When the door burst open and he ran in, she found herself becoming extremely annoyed at him.
"Is she ready?"
"well, the Keylogger hasn't finished unlocking her system security and her arm is broken. A repair like that can't be completed in such short time."
"we don't have time!" Yigin began to panic. His hands shook and he spoke through stuttered words, "the androids have begun to clash! It'll be a matter of time before the dragons arrive to "enforce the peace" upon everyone."
Syrene protested, "but I'm not finished!"
Yigin rushes to the window, looking out at the scene of chaos.
"oh good, it looks like it's dying down. The reds are......."
Yigin bent over, panting uncontrollable as his heart thumped.
"what is it?" asked Hedrick.
"They're retreating inside the buildings!" tears were falling from his eyes, "they're inside."
"Hedrick," Syrene nudged the wasp-like alien, "shift into your human form. These androids aren't well built like the others, so they can't pick up on your heat signature."
Hedrick nodded, "understood."
His veiny wings folded inwards as his body went through a quick metamorphosis to reach the human form. Syrene quickly disposed of her lab coat and nametag while Yigin made sure the owl markings on his arm weren't visible.
"what about her?" asked Hedrick, pointing at the dormant android on the bed.
Syrene glared into the computer screen, watching the counter reach 98%.
"the Keylogger is nearly finished."
Yigin bolted from his spot and quietly closed the door. A loud bang had set things in motion: the rampant androids had infiltrated the building to begin setting up shop.
Yigin ran back to the window and watched a small group of red androids fight off the Blues while another group began putting up a blue forcefield barrier.
"Looks like they're setting up a plasma field."
Syrene went to the window to see with her own eyes.
The field was already in place and the Blues could not climb it, no matter how hard they tried.
"shit, that's a new piece of technology."
"yea, no kidding. It looks like they got a few humans with them, too."
"probably Crotonians," said Syrene. She handed Hedrick the clothing he needed. Since he was so far from his house, he could not transport any of his clothes from there to here.
"is it done yet?" asked Yigin.
Syrene glanced at the screen, the counter now displaying 99%.
"not yet."
They all heard the sound of thundering footsteps. The rogue androids and Crotonians were rushing up the stairs and ramming the doors of unsuspecting tenants. Each group that barged into the rooms requested temporary shelter. Syrene didn't know who was at the heart of the operation, which caused great fear.
"is it done?" Yigin whispered.
"almost..." Syrene began biting her lips as the counter seemed to freeze.
The footsteps became louder, the sounds came closer to them.
"it's done!"
The moment their door was thrown open Yigin had taken the netbook and smashed it upon the floor, shattering it into a broken heap of metal.

* * *

The sky was never blood red like it is now. The clouds never streaked across the sky in black colors. The stars should not be visible and the dead planetoid does not belong so close to the Earth. The stink of the garbage dump was terrifying and benevolent. The powerlines weren't working so their presence only gave off an eerie silhouette. The cranes were down and had been abandoned so they too had become blackened by the lack of light and a blue sky. People came by occasionally to drop their garbage into the forbidden pit. Each and every hour the magma under the pit would bubble over and breach the surface. Slowly but surely, it would melt the garbage until the crater was full of nothing but lava, and then the masses would arrive to dump their garbage again. That was the purpose of a volcanic junk planet. Alien visitors could transport here in a snap in their starships and dump whatever they wanted into this crater--the Eastern crater--and they'll be gone once their garbage cargo is emptied.
The little reserves of power that she had left could only scan the sky and read her DataWiki to her. She was immobile. She could not lift her head, speak any words, or move a single artificial muscle. When he arrived there in his ship, he had her neatly wrapped in a white cloth. He stepped off the ship, carrying the limp android in his arms. He knelt at the edge of the crater, placing her down carefully. He unwrapped the cloth from her body and took a long look at his precious creation.
Her eyes recorded her final moments.
"This hurts me more than it hurts you," his voice was sounding distorted to her ears. Her sound filters were starting to fail. It could not distinguish voice from the backdrop noises of the rushing winds that plagued the planet. He removed her arm with the shiny machete. It pained him to mutilate his precious girl, but it needed to be done. He shifted to his owl form, which was larger than the regular barn owl, and with his egg tooth that he should have lost years ago, he bit down onto her right arm, leaving a hole and dropping in bits of liquid. "An Ancient form of marriage," was how his mother used to describe the actions he just performed. To him and other modern owls, it simply means "stay away from my creation." Shifting back to his human form, he picked up her nearly lifeless body. He kissed her on the forehead, his deep desires wanting to plant a kiss upon her lips. He hesitated, not knowing if he should. Nobody was around to observe. Even if someone was watching, he shouldn't care. Zzysra is his creation, not theirs. He decided to take a leap that most would fail at. He gave her a real kiss--a kiss upon the lips--and he said to her, "Please...keep clinging to hope."
With all the force he could muster, he hurled her into the pit of garbage. She landed on her back, her head and legs perched atop broken barrels, and her eyes were gazing upon the sky. She could feel the faint traces of the kiss, right before her power went into reserve mode.


There's more to it than this, but I'm upset now. I'll post the full story on smashwords and Dragon Short Stories.

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:) ayayayaayayay she is back

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Dragonstark Aleya | 3 comments Nipaporn wrote: "Just thought I'd add a mystery excerpt for an unpcoming issue in the magazine series (yes it's been rebooted). I know someone has been requesting this (you know who you are). :D

And here's what I ..."

Why hasn't anyone been notified that il drago divina is out already? are you giving up on this group?

L'Poni (lponi) | 28 comments Mod
Dragonstark wrote: Why hasn't anyone been notified that il drago divina is out already? are you giving up on this group?"

I am sorry about that. I am so busy with promoting TSODR that I didn't get the chance to update this post. Il drago divina is out now: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/...

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