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((Panem, is it Moonstone? Or is it Moonpool?))

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((Got it :) ))

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Ripplepelt lay beside the Moonpool, dreaming. StarClan had willed him to come before the half-moon.

"What does StarClan need from me?" Ripplepelt began. A black and white tom with a long tail walked up. "Tallstar," he meowed. "How is the hunting?"'

"Well thank you. I have a message from StarClan."

"What is it?"

A flash of black and white and brown fur flew past and the flash of teeth shown in the moonlight. The creatures kept on saying, "Pack, pack, kill."

Fear seized Ripplepelt. "Dogs. But Tallstar, dogs have'nt been any trouble for moons. Not sinse many seasons ago when ThunderClan came to help."

"They will come again. And this time in a bigger pack."

'Thank you for this news, though its not good. I shall tell my leader."

And with that, Ripplepelt woke and began the journey home.

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((who's Lifestar again? yeah the leader but i mean the person who plays the cat))

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((ah. she on much? i don't remember her being on...I need her for the next part))

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((so what should we do?))

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((ok. uh, who?))

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((doesn't matter))

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((k:) uh, should we just do it now, or...?))

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((ok, um, now? (this is ShadowClan right?)))

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((Dapplekit's in WindClan? i'm getting confused...))

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((sorry!!! i forgot what exactly we were talking about!! DX))

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(( we were talking about Ripplepelt's warning from Tallstar, you need to be Lifestar so i can pass the it. what now?))

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((do you want to pass the news now? get it over with so that we can stop being confused? (for now XD))

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Tawnypaw arrived at the Monpool just as the moon reached it's highest. He went to the pool's edge and lapped at the cool water. He shivered and lay down next to the icy pool.

Tawnypaw woke and wandered around. "Jayfeather?" he called. "Jayfeather, I need you."

A pale grey shape emerged, his eyes glassy blue and his pelt full of stars. "Tawnypaw."

"Jayfeather," he sighed, and ran up to the StarClan medicine cat. "Jayfeather, there's been a prophecy. I-"

"I know what it means. This is for you and you alone to figure out."

"But Stonepaw. What's going to happen to him?"

"Again, that's for you to figure out. This prophecy is for you and you alone."

Tawnypaw sighed. "Can I tell Stonepaw?"

Jayfeather thought for a moment. "Not right away. Find out what the prophecy means and then you may decide whether or not you'll tell him."


"Go. Go back to your Clan. They need you there."

Tawnypaw went to open his mouth again, but found he couldn't. "No, Tawnypaw. Go home. Your Clan will be waiting."

Jayfeather's last words echoed through the cave as Tawnypaw woke up. He found he had his voice back and sighed again. Then he remembered what Jayfeather had said, and he bolted back to the Clan.

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