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Matthew (phoebus) | 124 comments Mod
...add description late >.> *whistles*

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire rolled her bags along the ground, in time with her step. She had her orange iPod on, blasting the sweet noise of Maroon 5 through her ears. She was whisteling along with Adam and she walked toward the building. Huge She thought as she crinkled up her nose.
She was dressed in demin skinny jeans, and a floral top, with her bright red hair up in a playful bun, bangs partly shading her left eye.

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Matthew (phoebus) | 124 comments Mod
(( Yay~! A person...not that I ever messaged people to hey *shrugs* ))

Dante glanced up from his book as the helicopter landed. With sigh he closed his book and stood up, hoping off the Helicopter with a seemingly small bag, well small in caparison to the girl's. Dante noted the whole setting with uninterested eyes. He wore a black unzipped cotton hoodie, underneath he had a simple sky blue T-shirt. Then simple jeans for leg ware, and finally a collection of strings and knots around his wrists, they might have represented something.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida slept soundlessly in the helicopter as it flew to Academy. As soon as it landed, she opened her eyes and wanted to snap at the pilot why did he stop when she saw the Academy. She shrugged and got off the helicopter her bags behind her. Her new Gucci boots went down on the cold cement as she righted her Prada jacket. She tucked lock of her blonde hair behind her ear and looked around noticing few students.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Haha, sorry. I just figured I might as well.))

Claire paused her iPod, and bit her lip nervously. She didn't feel right... The Academy was the only name that was on the small piece of paper that her Father gave her, and she though that was a bit different. She looked over at Dante, and stopped. "Excuse me? I'm sorry, but is the Academy?" A small giggle escaped. "That's the name I was given."

~Life of A Quiet Girl~ (fairywingsflutter) Niku looked out the window listening to Black Veiled Brides at full blast as the helicopter landed. Standing up and pulling at her simple small cargo bag she looked at the other students with a straight face. She snapped her head a little to swing her bands from her eyes. you can do this, she thought tugging at her bag again

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Matthew (phoebus) | 124 comments Mod
"That's what I'm assuming" Dante replied in a mix between "duh" and a completely un-interested in this random girl type of voice. Dante walked over to the edge of the platform, looking down on the scenery below, not that that seemed to catch his interest any more.

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Holly (peachylee20) "Oh... Alright, thank you!" She said, deciding he wasn't the freidnliest. Putting her iPod in her purse, and letting out a slow breath, she walked inside.

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♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments As Aida noticed more students arriving, she grimaced slightly but quickly wiped the grimace away. She remembered when her foster mother told her, "It's unnatural for a young lady to make such a face." Aida shook her head and took out her Ipod putting on a song that she cherished. What doesn't kill you played on her Ipod as she leaned on her big bag and looked around once again for someone who will take her bags to her room. When there was no one she sighed and took her bags going inside.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) The helicopter landed on the platform as the book closed. Skylar had been reading a mystery novel with her right leg crossed over the left while she held the book in her left hand. Skylar stood up and stepped down from the helicopter, the winds whipping around her. She was wearing an amber beige top, white shorts that were 4 inches above her knees, a crystal necklace shaped like a crescent moon, and simple white sandals.

She dragged her black medium sized suitcase down and tolled it after her as she walked towards the building, simply ignoring everyone and everything around her as she entered the building with an expressionless face.

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 16 comments The black helicopter landed with the wind blowing leaves off trees and needles off pines. A girl sat with her hands in her lap, shaking slightly.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Javier watched his surroundings grow sharper and more clear as the helicopter landed on the platform. He had earbuds in and was blasting Avenged Sevenfold as it did so. Javier stretched and yawned as he got up and stepped out of the helicopter. He was wearing a white collared long sleeved shirt, but had the sleeves rolled up, and had on black jeans with converse on. His eyes were covered by the dark shades he had on.

Javier grinned as grabbed his suitcase and began rolling it behind him as he walked to the building. He looked around curiously before entering the building, his grin still in place.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 81 comments Daphne was thankfull when the helecopter finally landed at thier destination. As soon as it was permitted she unbuckled and steped down from the large machine the copers blades lightly whiping her dakr hair around. She wore her dark knee high lace up boots over dark skinny jeans. Her off the shoulder black shirt blended nicely with her dark skin. She smiled softly at the building befor grabing her purse and her luggage. She walked determindly but also hesitently to the intimidating building

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments As blades of the helicopter turned in rhythm, Della leaned on the seat falling asleep quickly. No dreams of what so ever. She didn't have a single dream in past few days since they boarded the helicopter. Fear clenched around her heart as she had that thought and she had to wake up with a shuddered breath. What will their parents say? Oy, that didn't matter now. She looked out the window and sighed with relief. They were already here.
Tristan tapped his foot on the floor in the beat with the song he was listening on his Ipod. Whistle by Flor Rida was one of his few favorites. He didn't close his eyes ever since they got on the helicopter. His music always kept his energetic and alive. Della looked at him and rolled her eyes. She elbowed him hard in the ribs and he winced taking out earbuds from his ears with annoyed expression:
"Can't I have some peace, sis?"
"No." Della snickered, "You had peace since we got into the air. So gimme the Ipod."
"Take your own!" Tristan grimaced and moved away from her father down the seat. Della smirked and moved closer her arm out stretched. He patted it away as he moved farther away. She rolled her eyes once again before moving back to her seat taking out her Ipod. Tristan stuck his tongue at her and returned back to his seat. After few minutes, helicopter landed with a slight shake signaling that they were there. Tristan jumped up with a grin on his face and took his bags going down from the helicopter. Della hurried after him but soon she snapped, "Yo! At least help me!"
"Nope." Tristan shook his head looking back at me with a smirk. She growled and he sighed heavily, "Fine, fine." He walked back to her and picked uo some of her bags along with his. She scowled at him as they walked towards the door, "What a lazy butt." He laughed, "If I was lazy butt, then I wouldn't be carrying your bags." Della grumbled but agreed silently. Soon they went inside the building.

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Bam (bam_bam) As the helicopter faded into the distance, Xavier and Silvana knew only to just stand there and look around. No words came to mind so Xavier reached out and wrapped his arm around Silvana's shoulders comfortingly. Being twin brother and sister they had a close bond and were practically thinking the same thing what do we do now?... Silvana walked forward, a frown had formed at her brow and Xaviers relaxed expression remained ''Cool it Sil.. we'll get out of here in no time.'' his voice sounded unsure, and she wasn't convinced. ''You know I won't stay here for long, this place had a weird vibe..'' she shivered and they both walked into the building in silence, keeping their luggage close to them. Xavier plugged his head phones in, flooding his mind with Linkin Park but Silvana listened to the unfamiliar sounds around her.

Silvana had her brown curls tied in a loose pony tail and minimal make-up on. She wore a lime green blouse, a white jacket, skin tight jeans and white converse. Her jeans were rolled up slightly at the bottom but she was incredibly tall so it was hard to notice.
Xavier on the other hand wore a navy shirt, black jacket, dark jeans and burgundy converse. His narrow eyes and dark curls went well together, making him look utterly gorgeous and suspicious-looking. His eyes scanned around the other students but he simply followed his sister after they received a piece of paper from the reception showing their room details etc.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Bellatrix pressed her face against the cool window and her eyes fluttered closed as the helicopter took off. Her hands were shaking - heck, her whole body was shaking. She was nervous. Extremely nervous. And that's how the whole ride went.

When she felt the helicopter landing she took a shaky breath and stood up, ringing her hands as she exited. She took her bag - just a small backpack - and slung it over her shoulder. Bellatrix stared up at the school for a moment, feeling intimidated by it.

She feared she wouldn't fit in - like always. Bellatrix looked down at herself. Today was dressed in a dark purple t-shirt with black stripes, a black "gothic" skirt, black leggings, and purple high top converse. She took a shaky breath before entering.

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Gretel was glad it was a good day so she could enjoy the helicopter and learn how to adapt to a new routine for her less good days. She didn't really care about an impression, most people were too freaked out by her usual personality to go anywhere near her.

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