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Matthew (phoebus) | 124 comments Mod
...add description late >.> *whistles*

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida walked inside dumping her large bags down on the floor and took a deep breath.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 81 comments Daphne looked aroud for her room number and soon found it at the end of the hallway. She set her stuff down befor egoing to Adia to find her room and give her her suitcases.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida sighed heavily and opened her letter looking over it. As she found number of her dorm, she looked around searching for the room.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 81 comments "Found it"Daphne called back and opened the door for her. She set her suit cases on the bed.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments "Good." Aida walked insie her room and set her bags down on the floor once again. She smirked, "Nice room."

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 81 comments "I agree"Daphne said and gave a nod to the girl."See ya around"she said and went to her own room.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments "Yeah. Course." Auda waved sitting down on her bed.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 81 comments Daphne closed her door and walked to her bed. She sghed as she droped down on it, her jet lag getting the best of her.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida started unpacking with a wary expression. As she reached last bag, she stopped and froze.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) Skylar covered her mouth as she yawned. She held her book up anew opened it to where she had left off, looking at the bookmark, which contained the infor about several important stuff. After finding out what her dorm number is, she walked slowly, looking for it. Her room was located on the right side, fifth door in.

Skylar clasped her hand around the doorknob and opened the door; she walked in and looked around. The room was plain yet nice and clean, what Skylar had hoped and expected. Oddly, the room's furniture arrangement was in the exact opposite position as the furniture in her room back home, though there were less furniture...

Skylar rolled her suitcase to the bed and turned, deciding that it would be better to explore this new place rather than stay in the room and do something boring such as packing. Then, she opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind her.

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Holly (peachylee20) After much distress, Claire finally found the girls dorm, and brought her large stack of book inside. "Um... Hi guys." She said to the girls inside. Dropping the books onto an empty bed and sitting down, she thought for a moment, and dropped her head into her hands. "Aw man..."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida looke at the girl and sighed, "Hello. What's wrong?" Sheesh, it's already her catch frase. Ugh.

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana stalked into the room, she had her white suitcases at hand as she made her way to an empty beside the largest window. She sat on the bed and unzipped her suitcases in silence, she watched everybody else as she removes her belongings from the contents of her case.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire looked up and smiled. "Oh, it's nothing! I just lefy my things in the library! I'll go get them soon enough..." She said brightly, patting the mattress with her hand. "My name is Claire!" She added, looking up at Aida.

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana had placed all her clothes into the drawers by her bed and had hung her dresses and jackets in the wardrobe. She just placed her bags and personal items in the bedside table drawers as she looked over to Claire and Aida - she wondered if they had been here before. She turned to the shelf above her bed and began to stack her box of books there, then finally she gazed out of the window beside her bed as she sat back down.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida nodded, "I'm Aida. What are you reading?" She walked over to her close enough to see the covers but not actually be beside her.

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 6 comments Gretel sat down somewhere and remembered what the room looked like for later

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Bellatrix walked in, searching for her dorm, and walked into it when she found it. She put her bookbag on the bed and unpacked the few things she had brought with her before laying back on the bed and sighing.

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Holly (peachylee20) Dreamer ♦{Like you didn't know}♦ wrote: "Aida nodded, "I'm Aida. What are you reading?" She walked over to her close enough to see the covers but not actually be beside her."

Claire looked at her tall stack of books. "A lot of things. History, mathmatics... Even a few on old greek myths I think." She said, grinning.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida sighed, "Boring. Well, at least they are for me." She shook her head and stood starting to unpack her bags. Damn, she sure had lots of them.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire smiled and laughed lightly. "It's useful!" She said, patting the stack. "I'm going to go get my stuff!" She decided, before walking out of the room with a wave.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Bellatrix sighed and got off her bed, walking out of her dorm and down the hallway, planning on exploring.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire came back in with her pretty suitcases. She ran them over to her bed, and unpacked slowly, hanging each designer outfits in her closet.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida soon finished unpacking her many suitcases. Sheesh, why did she take so many? Oh well. She sat down on the bed taking her phone out.

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana had similar clothes, all french looking with black and white stripes or consisted of the colour navy blue, white, black, mint green, silver or of floral designs. She was never one for 'loud' colours and neither was her brother. She looked over to Aida and admired her designer outfits, only a selection of her clothes were designer but never whole outfits.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida quickly typed something up before looking up to the girl with raised brow. Few seconds later, she put her cell phone away shaking her head. Maybe that girl worked for her parents and now she was looking at her because she needed to bring her back to the mansion. Well, good luck with that.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire finished and sat down on her bed, not enjoying the silence at all. It filled the room and made things so uncomfortable. She stratched her head, and stared down at her lap wondering where Tristan was now. She blushed at the thought of him, but quickly looked up and willed herself to stop thinking. "Can you believe how much 4G costs these days?" she asked, lamely, trying to strike convorsation.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments "About few hundred dollars. At least that's what I saw." Aida replied as she went over her clothes trying to decide what to wear.

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Bellatrix walked back in and raised an eyebrow at the question she heard Claire asked but didn't respond. In fact she had no idea how much 4G costed.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire nodded and smiled, glad for the noise. "But it's handy!" She said, standing and parting through different dresses in her closet. "Which do you like?" She asked Aida, holding two dresses out.


♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments "Second one." She glanced at them

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana raised her head ''I like the first one'' she smiled, leaning back on her pillow. She knew full well she wasn't part of the conversation, but she enjoyed putting in her input.

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Holly (peachylee20) "Hmm..." Claire said turning then both in her hands and staring at them thoughtfully. "I like the first one too... But Aida, this one seems like it would fit you." She said, talking about the one she chose. "You're welcome to borrow it anytime." She said, throwing both dresses down on her bed, and stripping down to her bra and underwear, and putting the pink dress, that Silvana picked, on.

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana smiled ''It looks lovely! Pink's definitely your colour'' she hoped to make new friends although Aida didn't seem to give off a great vibe to her. Though Silvana had trusting issues as it was, she felt at home here, it could just as well be a different story for her brother though.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire smiled and twirled, feeling the soft fabric of the skirt on her thighs. The dress was short, and showed off her lean, tanned, and long legs, just like she liked.
"Thanks! I'm Claire, by the way. Your name?" She asked.

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Bam (bam_bam) She felt slightly embarrassed of her name, as it wasn't of the ordinary sort. Plus she really wanted to fit in now ''Silvana..'' she muttered ''But everyone calls me Silver'' she spoke a little louder, smiling to cover up her slight blush.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire smiled, not noticing her blush, or her bashfullness.
"Well, I like it. Hi, Silver!" She said, before leaning down to go through one of her makeup cases. She came back up, and settled on her bed with a bit of blush, and lipstick. "Have you noticed how beautiful the school... is?" She said, pausing to coat her bottom lip in the pink lipstick.
"Has anyone interacted with the other people here? They're nice... A little different though." She said, remembering her trip to the library.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida shrugged, "I can find it anywhere anytime. So no need to say that I can borrow it."

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Bam (bam_bam) Silver grinned ''Yeah the school's gorgeous!'' her eyes narrowed at Aida, how rude to say that.. she thought but then focused her attention on Claire ''I haven't had the chance, me and my brother.. kind of just headed straight to our rooms'' she smiled, looking out of the window, her gaze went over to her wrack of dresses, skirts and blazers. She slowly rose to her feet and pulled two similar coloured dresses ''What do you think?'' she turned to Claire, holding them both up.

((The first -

The second - ))

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida looked at the dresses and shook her head putting her attention back to her wardrobe. She sighed and went through the outfits she had. Every time the outfit was outdated or just plain boring. Aida shook her head and went over to her another bag opening it. She looked through it as well and finally she smiled. Ah, these were pretty nice and new. Of course they were new, since she bought them about few days ago in Paris. Well, all she had to now is decide. She sighed heavily and took the first one. It was kind of plain but still nice.


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Holly (peachylee20) Claire rolled her eyes slightly at Aida's comment, but smiled at her. "Alright." She said simply, before turning back to Silver and perching on the end of her bed to run a hand through her tousled maroon hair. "Well, I like the first one. It seems really attention grabbing... Where did you get it?" She asked, eying the beautiful fabric.
She noticed Aida's dresses too, but hesitated to give her opinion, unsure if the girl wanted it.
She liked the first better anyhow.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida put the outfit that she chose on her bed and sighed heavily looking at her wardrobe. She should really get rid of some of these clothes, but most of them were the ones that her foster parents bought. So pretty much she couldn't. Aida shook her head getting rid of that thought and took the outfit before going to the washroom. Few minutes later, she came back out wearing the outfit that she chose.

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Bam (bam_bam) ((I updated the second link, sorry!))

Silver smiled at Claire, ignoring the fact that Aida had stalked into the room wearing her chosen outfit, most probably a designer outfit she could only afford after months and months of saving up. ''My mother bought it me for my birthday, I think it's from a small boutique store from our village'' she smiled, looking in thought for a moment as she tried to visualize the shop in mind ''I was supposed to wear it for a meal out but we were dragged up here instead..'' she sighed, her birthday was only two days away, she hadn't planned on mentioning it but the though had crept on her mind.

((These are her outfits, along with some plain tank tops and plain jeans; ))

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire smiled. "I love the one with that cute little face! Oh, and the one with the belt." She said, before chewing on her lip, a habbit she was trying to kick. "At Highschool, my friend owned a dress just like that one," she pointed at it. "Of course, on the cheerleading team, we didn't get to see it much since we were always in our cheer outfits." She said pleasently, a little bit of pride and ego sneaking into her tone without her even noticing or trying.

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Bam (bam_bam) ''You were on the cheerios?'' she widened her eyes and raised her eyebrows ''I was in the school band..'' she blushed and turned back to her wrack of clothes ''I-I Um, which should I change into?'' she asked quickly, wanting to change the subject. She noticed her biting her lip and smiled to herself, knowing she had a few habits of her own, which included biting the inside of her cheeks, tapping her foot and chewing her hair.

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Holly (peachylee20) Claire nodded, brushing her bangs out of her face. "Since ninth grade. Beofre that I played volly-ball." She said, smiling. "Well, wear the grey one. It'll be cute with your eyes." She said, a perfectly shaped eyebrow raised.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida sat down and propped her chin onto her palm boringly listening to their conversation.

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Bam (bam_bam) Silver smiled ''Wow, you're so athletic!'' she looked back the her wrack of clothes and picked out the long gray jumper, she already wore her black boots so she reached over to her bedside table drawer for the black socks ''I'll be out in a moment!'' she grinned as she disappeared into the bathroom, sheepishly walking passed Aida who looked slightly bored.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 91 comments Aida looked at the girl that passed her before sighing and shook her head. Who knew that this is going to boring? No fights, no arguments, no nothing!

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