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Maddie Desfosses (Italy3bug) | 1 comments Mod
She walked into class, and took a seat in the only available seat, which happened to be next to him.

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Setting her books on the table, she she stole a glance at him. He seemed to be off in his own world. ((what's her name?)) took the time to study his features.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Daniel Wetherby was new to the school, not at all popular, kind of nerdy, but he dressed cool enough and to most, very handsome. He seemed like a boy who would be in the army for the first world war. Clara-Rosetta (Just Ro to her friends) sighed quietly, but dramatically. He was too handsome.

message 4: by Cassie (new)

Cassie Lynn (sissylynn) Daniel slowly sat up strait in his chair, meeting her eyes with a wild, confused look. He blinked a couple times, as if focusing on Ro. He shook his head a little and smiled embarrasedly before looking back down at his desk.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments Ro smiled slyly at his naivete. Didn't he know the rules? She turned and tossed a look across the classroom to one of her friends, Alica Plinte, and then turned her attention toward the front of the classroom.
Soon he'd know.

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Mikaela (mikaela1) Phase One of 'The Rules' never look better than Chad. Sorry Daniel, your face is too good.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments Daniel might work for someone desperate, but not for Ro. She'd find something better for herself and her group. They'd certainly worked to deserve it.

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Cameron Goodman (camalya) | 19 comments I get out my book as the teacher says and couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about

message 9: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Goodman (camalya) | 19 comments He kept glancing around nevously. I wonder why. It was as if he were wanted or people were constanstly staring at him.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments When the class was over, it was lunchtime for Blue Peak High School. They all filed into the cafeteria, separated. Daniel looked distraught, alone in the doorway.

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Cameron Goodman (camalya) | 19 comments I was at my locker which was only a few yards away. Everyone else had already left. So what have I got to lose. I was suddenly very curious about him I walked up to him "Hi" I say once I was face to face to him.

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Mikaela (mikaela1) "Er, hi," Daniel said nervously. He felt awkward and confused, no one seemed very friendly, except for this girl. He had never felt so scared and hysterical in his life, he needed to be alone.
"Where are the toilets?" It all came out in rush and he wished he could snatch those words back, those awkward words that hung in the air. The girl had a disgusted look on her face. "Just over there." She vaguely pointed to the otherside of the cafeteria. What a loser she thought.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments Daniel turned away, face covered with a flaming red. Instead of going to the bathroom, he headed for the lunch line, wondering that classic question: what was the mystery of this mystery lunch? But his bigger predicament showed through. His secret would not be safe for long.

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Cameron Goodman (camalya) | 19 comments I watched Daniel my disgust decreasing but obvioulsy still there I very much wanted to know about this mysterious guy. I mean who wouldn't he's pretty good looking and he's mysterious well who doesn't like to solve a good mystery every now and then? I think to myself as I get up from my table and walked out of the cafeteria. Before I walked out I scrawled out a note very, very fast. I went to Daniel and grabbed his hand and stuffed the note inside. "Please read it" I whisper under my breath to him.

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Geena | 1 comments He turns around but doen't say anything. I don't turn around, don't look back, I just strut out of the cafeteria. I hear him get out of his chair, hear it scraping along the ground. I hear feet running towards me but I still don't turn. Let him come to me, I think.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments He blasts past me and runs out the doors, backpack in tow. What now? I wonder. I hate these games. I sigh, stand up, and follow. "Well?" I demand when I find him leaning against the walls just outside the cafeteria. "I..." he starts.

message 17: by Allen (last edited Dec 27, 2012 07:42PM) (new)

Allen Crowe (crowe) | 1 comments "I don't do so well around people sometimes." His words seemed as if they were directed at no one in particular. "It has been awhile." His eyes never left the floor as he said them softly, almost in a whisper. I could see his hands gripped on his Blue Denim Jeans. Sweat, just a drop, clung to his forehead.

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" - I try to be nice but often, people think i'm a loser at the first impression and don't want to talk to me again. Would you like to start it all again ? Forget everything and go back from zero ? " he asked.
He felt strangely confortable around this girl… like he's never been around anyone else.

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Renee (bigcookiedog) | 22 comments She smiled in a foxy way. "We can start over- if you can keep up." She turned and strode away, leaving Daniel standing with his mouth open. What just happened? He asked himself.

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