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The never ending story #2

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Maddie Desfosses So I started this game under another book thread, and it was really fun.
So this is how you play- I'll start with a ONE sentence, the next person continues, to create a never ending story.
Okay, I'll start-

The sound, smell, and look of musty cloth and moth balls rose around them in a cloudy mass of dust, from the attic floor.

Aidyn sunndenly, she stummbled across something on the floor, and when she looked down, she screamed in horror.

Maddie Desfosses "Colby! I think I found something!" she yelled from the attic.

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Aidyn colby came running up with the flashlight. "lets see what it is..." said colby as he dragged the beam of white light across the dusty floor.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ A giant dead rat, I scream and hid behind my brother, "Don't worry-it's dead." Colby laughed.

Aidyn colby walked over to the corner of the room, and put the flashlight down as he started to light candles. "ready for the seance?" he asked

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"WHAT THE HELL IS A SEANCE??? YOU NEVER TOLD ME! WHY WOULD I BE READY IF I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS?!" I shriek. Colby, my brother, the cheese maker, steps back in alarm, i know it's not because of my outburst, i know it's not. Nothing could put fear as deep as that on his face, nothing. Nothing except for...

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ A live rat, I Run to the attic door. and scream as i notice it is locked from the inside-now both of our screams are blocked out by the millions of rats' squeaking drawing towards us....

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ panting and covered in sweat, i walked to the door, touching everything as i went-just to make sure it is real. Just a dream i told myself, Just a dream. i walked to Colby's room anyway, jut to check if he was okay.

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Kat But he wasn't. Drenched in blood and wailing in horror, Colby rose from his bed and shuffled towards me, a rat resting on his arm, watching my every move with it's red, glowing eyes, and biting down deeper into Colby's flesh with every step.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ I screamed, and hit the rat so it went sailing across the room, "C'mon, Colby-We have to get out of here!" I practically dragged him to the front door and then slowly making our way down the street. i hardly noticed that i was in my Pajamas, but realized once Colby started shivering, he slept topless and now his body was covered in goosebumps.

Bianca Then, the goosebumps turned into pus-oozing boils all over his body!

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I moaned in disgust, weighing my options. Should I go back to the house to help Colby? I looked at my older brother, who usually looked out for me. It felt weird to have our positions reversed.

Flora (Ludacris) (I again? Alexai?)
Well, not exactly weird as she said, 'Come on, bro. Help you later. Let's ask for some help first.'
Colby sulked. 'It doesnt hurt, but dont try to boss me around.'
She grunted. Colby's as annoying as ever.
They trudged out into the open, ran as far from the house as they can.

Allen Crowe The morning dew was wet against their feet as they headed, running, toward the forest.

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I stopped, and looked at Colby with concern as he tried to keep up with me.

Allen Crowe He was bleeding from a hundred small bite marks on his body.

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The thick red liquid, leaving a trail from where we were coming from.

Allen Crowe A perfect trail for the rats to follow, and already she thought she could hear them running in the tall grass.

Rhonda Marie As the rats slowly caught up to her and Colby he stumbled and fell to the ground.

Allen Crowe His hauntingly green eyes looked up at her pleadingly, terrified, and lost.

Abigail Lydia She looked at him and gave him a look while saying "I love you, and were going to be ok. I just know it..."

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ When out of nowhere a strange guy in a black hoodie grabs us and throws us into a car.....

Allyseria I screamed and began thrashing against the car door.
"Shut up! It's me, Tyler!" the strange guy yelled.
I turned and stared at the now familiar face.

Flora (Ludacris) (Let's give the sister a name. Hmm... Melody?)
'Wait. Do I know a Tyler?' she asked, bewildered.
'You know now.' the person who called himself Tyler replied. He started the car. And drove like a maniac.
'Hey. Tyler. Slow down. Whoever you are. Abductor?' she yelled.
Colby looked very bad. She touched his brother's face gently.
'Shut up. You should at least thank me for saying your wretch little life.' Tyler said.

Allen Crowe Inside the car it was dark, smelling of mildew and gasoline.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ "Melody," Colby Mumbled, "W-who is it?"
I sighed, "Well, were being Kidnapped by some 'Tyler' guy. I'm assuming you know who that is?" He nodded and i stopped fighting to get out the car.

Allen Crowe He kept looking back at me through the rear view mirror, a devilish smirk on his face.

Allen Crowe (Keep changing persons ha ha! Oh well!)

Rhonda Marie "Colby how do you know him"? said Melody scared out of her wits.

Aidyn "i dont really," colby said before he blacked out again.

Ashley Melody looking scared turned to tyler "Who are you?!?!" just before he looked straight at her and she blacked out too.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ She woke in a room, a bit smaller than her room at home and remembered Why she was here. "Colby!" Melody yelled, she heard her brother moan and looked to see that he was resting on a bed in the same room, a bit further away from her.

Allen Crowe His body was covered in what appeared to be dozens of seperate bindings, his would cleaned and dresses.

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Flora (Ludacris) (Alexia! Yay! Not I? :))

'See, did I just prove myself, girl?' A smooth voice asked.
'What?' Melody spun around. Her head hurt from the action.
'I am guessing your name's Melody? And that's your brother? And you're unsure of where you are right now?' the voice continued, amused.
Melody realised that it has a tint of a French accent.
'Shut up and show yourself.' Melody demanded.
The owner of the voice appeared then, looking handsome and amused. It's Tyler or whatever his name was.

Allen Crowe The room was dark and full of half shadows, no matter how hard she tried she could not make out his features.

Rhonda Marie Even with the lack of light she could distinctively make out a huge birthmark on the side of his neck that looked like a small bat that looked exactly like the one she had on her leg.

Flora (Ludacris) Maybe, they are cousins. Or siblings. Melody wondered to herself.
'Hello. In case you want to know. Your brother is faring well. So far.' he smiled.

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"That gives me little comfort, seeing as I have no idea where we are and I was just basically kidnapped." My words came out a lot snappier than I had wanted them to. The smile slid off of Taylor's face.

Allen Crowe "What is going on? Where are we? What about my brother?". A dozen more question were running through her head. Fear, anger and resentment all fighting to take control of her.

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Get a hold of yourself, Melody. I told myself, brushing a strand of black hair behind my ear. Obviously this... Taylor was capable of many things.

Rhonda Marie "So if you are on our side prove it" says Melody. Where are we and when do I get to see my brother?

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Taylor bit his lip.
"There is no way to prove who's side I'm on." I raised an eyebrow.
"Well then you can try." I told him. He growled and I backed away, not even realizing that I had thrown my arms in front if my brother.
"I took you here and helped your brother- who knows me. Is that not enough?"

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crazy i hate people who dont know me cos then i have to explian who i am and that is a bore!!!!!!!!!!

Allen Crowe It is then that I notice he is holding something. Something small and wrapped or bound in what I can only discribe as soft deer hide or suede.

Flora (Ludacris) (It's suppose to be Tyler. Not Taylor. A boy.)

He took it out now. It was a knife. Melody gasped.
'Are you killIng me? For if you do, don't touch my brother.' she said, pleadingly. Melody is not able to suppress her helplessness anymore.
'Me? Kill you? Haha.' he laughed not unkindly.
He took it now, and reached into his pocket, drawing out a packet.

Allen Crowe Using the knife he opened the red wax seal on the packet, pulled out some papers, and a handful of herbs.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (Yeah, I was reading it and I was like, 'What?' what happened to Tyler. and thank you, I did stop using 'I' :)

He handed it to her "Here." Melody looked at it as if it contained a bomb. "Take it, Look-" he shook it violently, "Nothing's going to explode." he laughed, she cautiously took the package. It fit into the palm f her hand, What could it be?

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Flora (Ludacris) Your welcome. :))

'Let your brother eat it.' he said, seriously. For once.
She hesitated. She was unsure of what to do. Should she? Or not?
'Oh well then.' she thought. She put the herbs into Colby's mouth. He was pale. And the blisters on his skin were now scars. (Was it blisters? Anyway...)

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ He stirred, "M-Melody?" He asked, his eyes firmly shut, "It's me. It's okay. It's okay." she crooned, stroking his hair.

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