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Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir
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Kelly (kelly_knox) | 6 comments Mod
Here are the questions from ChaosMandy for Week 2!

After Jenkins the turkey wrecked havoc at Jenny’s school, she decided to stop trying to fit in and just tried to be herself. Did you try to fit in at school or did you march to the beat of your own drummer? Was there any point that you stopped trying to fit in?

Victor tried his best to have an unique marriage proposal but it didn’t turn out quite the way he thought it would. Do you know of any unique marriage proposals that didn’t go as planned?

message 2: by Bettina (new)

Bettina | 20 comments Whoops - seeing week 2 reminds me I never answered week 1. hehehe.

I was painfully shy for most of my school career. Eventually when I was 13 or 14 it finally struck me like a thunderbolt that I didn't really WANT to be like the "in" kids. And since then I've marched to my own drum :)

As for marriage proposals... well I know my hubby was going to ask me right after he'd asked my dad, but we instead had a big fight (probably about why he hadn't asked -- we already had the rings and knew our wedding date; he just hadn't asked!). He later thought of the perfect place to propose and it went off smoothly.

Rockinlibrarian | 10 comments I don't know, I was a bit of a hypocrite about fitting in for a long time. I very stubbornly asserted that it's best to be yourself and not follow the crowd, but it was a long time before I truly stopped worrying that if I didn't have jelly shoes or charm necklaces or the right toys (NOT knockoffs) then I would be Scorned. But I was scorned anyway. I think around age 12 I became so fascinated with my own interests that I really did stop caring what anyone else's interests were or weren't, but I was so shy that it's not like my different-drum marching really SHOWED much (of ANYTHING) either. It wasn't until college that I really OWNED my geekiness, though my close friends were aware of the more complex me than "that quiet girl with the long hair who writes all the time and used to cry at everything" back when, too...

I certainly didn't have any stick-out embarrassing moments. I was perpetually embarrassed even if nothing embarrassing was happening.

I heard a marriage proposal almost going wrong story recently (though not as wrong as Victor's), but I forget it now.

Brandy (handmaderedhead) | 4 comments I am not sure I ever had a chance to fit in anywhere. When I was young we were hippies who lived in the mountains...but not in the nearby commune. I wanted to be Shirley Temple and wear my maryjanes and lacy dress in the woods. At about 10, we moved to the city, which was worse for being a hippy than being the family that didnt live in the commune. My Goodwill clothes were not a big hit at school. We lived in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood and I was one of 3 redheads in high school. My teacher said that blue eyes were the most common eye color in the US, yet I was the only one with blue eyes in my 8th grade class. Growing up always being the "odd man out" makes it so it never really an issue to fit in, I guess. I never felt the need to fit in until after I had my own kids and wanted them to be a part of something.

As for a marriage proposal, I dont have an exciting story that went right or wrong. We just decided to do it and it's been great.

April (apriltara) | 3 comments I was a military kid so it was pointless to try and fit in because you weren't going to be there long anyway. The only time I ever felt like I fit in and got the chance to be popular was when I lived in Spain and went to school on base where pretty much everyone was a military kid. And on top of that, I was so wrapped up in what was going on at home that all of the typical kid stuff just seemed so...trivial.

As far as marriage proposals, I've never had one that was anything more than "hey, we oughta get married." How romantic!

Joan | 2 comments I was a band geek in high school. So I guess you could say, I "marched" to the beat of whomever it was currently playing the cadence at that time.

Marriage proposals gone wrong? hhmmmm, can't really think of any. I will have to ask around.

Mandy (chaosmandy) I was in band in high school as well as involved with theater. I also had a picture the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation in my locker in high school. Total geek *L*

My husband proposed to me to get me to stop crying. It was my birthday and my friends had all ditched me. So my husband asked me to marry him - I did stop crying :D

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